Mayo - Where to play Aidan O Shea?

Galway lost three senior finals in 4 years in the early 1970s and weren't heard from again until 1983.Mayo can come back next year but it certainly won't be easy for them.Mayo had a great chance to win today.It's like may not come again for a while.

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Don't worry Men and Women of Mayo- "the darkest hour is the one just before the dawn"

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Replying To Pericles:  "Half our panel is in Dublin Galwayford. There's only so much intensive training which can be managed in those circumstances and the panel targets a peak from August on. Before that it's struggling to get performances out when the bodies are far from peak.

I'm very disappointed today. I really believed the lads were well capable this year of beating the Dubs. Mayo's lack of core belief is a by-product of so many years of just looking to be recognised as competitive. This team has had to chip away at this lack of real belief by painful degrees and having to do this in the company of two teams who have a natural sense of superiority. A great Waterford hurling team and a couple of Galway ones have been in the same boat. Today will eventually reinforce with the players that they're good enough. If they still crave it they can reach the promised land.

I also really thought today that the Dub's players pre match mutual congratulatory interactions showed that they aren't insulated from the hype. That's going to be ratcheted up even more next year with a 4 in a row in prospect. Kerry are probably a couple of years off really doing the work that they're eventually going to complete, and Donegal are having a similar rebuild. With Tyrone becoming surprising surrender monkeys and everyone else still a good bit behind, the chance will be there again next year. It's another mountain to climb, but these lads are accomplished mountaineers."
That's a fascinating point about the panel's geographic challenges in terms of training. The distribution of employment and the wealth it generates is having a profound impact on the gaelic games as more rural counties struggle to maintain their youth or fund their facilities and teams.

When Dublin can charge $2,500 a table for a breakfast event with a panel made up mostly of yesterday's men as the main attraction, you know the rest of us are in trouble.

As to yesterday, there was nothing in it. Dublin went the first quarter with only two scores and I can't help think that it was during that phase that the game was won and lost. Granted, one of those scores was a goal, but they really shouldn't have been allowed to recover from such a barren spell. Mayo were fierce unlucky.

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Replying To Pericles:  "I think the Mayo bench is stronger than at any time since the team emerged in 2011. Give me Shane Nally or Stephen Coen over Michael Darragh MacAuley any day. The fact that our potential reinforcements are being so underestimated is a tactical advantage. And I'm not suggesting that the Dubs bench is anything but quality, it's just that ours will also be manned by top quality footballers. The lads coming on won't lack for motivation and will make an impact, even if the behind the curve hacks have to read their names from the programme. They were doing the same for Paddy Durcan and Brendan Harrison last year. We have a quality panel and a more confident one too this year. This difference is something which outsiders can't measure or tune into. What will be demanded on Sunday is a relentless performance of pace and focus. Our lads will make mistakes and they'll force mistakes out of the Dubs too. They'll drive through it all and push for victory taking it score by score regardless of the scoreboard. No man will be willing to leave that pitch with another losers medal and no supporter will leave Croker with a voice or without hearts filled with pride. I've felt hopeful, even confident in other years, but this year it's something different. It's that obstinate refusal to accept second place, and this feeling comes from the team. The Dubs will be as good as they're going to be, but our lads will be better whatever it takes to be that."
Do you still think your bench is on par with Dublin

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Replying To eoinog:  "Do you still think your bench is on par with Dublin"
I never argued that our bench was stronger than the Dubs one, just stronger than media perceptions. I certainly never suggested that the Dubs bench is anything but a huge weapon. It is however not all that balanced, with a great depth of forward talent. Ours is the exact opposite, plenty of outfield reinforcements, but no heavy artillery. I suggested in another post pre match that if Mayo could reduce Dublin's substitution options by forcing defensive changes it could be crucial to the result. Events played into our hands with Jack McCaffrey's injury and our defence played well enough to require the Dubs to need early surgery to their attack. But the players they brought in did the trick for them and delivered the result.

Btw, I was talking to a Dub after the game who figures that MDMA has had his day. Dubs have options now who are footballers too, so no sentimentality there despite his poty award.

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