Mayo - Donegal game

Replying To GreenandRed:  "Thanks Mick. If you shot that from a phone what type is it? Great quality."
Recorded on a Sony handycam. Can't remember where I picked it up a few years ago. Nice compact light camera (handy for the camera bag) and very good quality recording (When using the correct settings!). Records dual RAW and MP4. That clip was about 1.6GB, compressed it down to 10% for uploading. I do the periscope live broadcasts from my phone, Samsung galaxy S5, not as good quality but OK. I'd usually use a tripod or monopod to keep the camcorder steady, had neither with me Sunday (hadn't really intend to do any videoing).

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Replying To riverboys:  "Mayo have gone through the most ridiculous league campaign ever, we all know that Dublin, Kerry, Tyrone, Donegal and Mayo are the top 5 teams in the country and Mayo beat 3 of them, Donegal at home and Kerry and Tyrone away but got hammered by Dublin, that in itself should make fans happy but the way the team played and not giving Monaghan or Cavan the respect they deserve nearly cost us our div 1 status and that's where we have a problem. Tyrone are dark horses for Sam but they failed to beat any of the top 4 only drawing with Dublin and have lost the last 3 matches, that isn't good heading into an Ulster provincial championship, Dublin weren't firing on all cylinders and were beatable in this campaign but still make the final, if Mayo had beaten Monaghan and Cavan as they were expected to do we would be in the final and in with a good chance of winning some national title, a lot of work to do but the gap between the team and new or underage lads is huge and can't see anybody new making an impact on the Mayo panel, I hope I'm wrong"
As regards the new players riverboys I'd say Shane Nally is an extremely viable option in the half forward line. Especially against teams that play blanket defence with his ability to kick long range points. Kirby has also given management a selection headache and castlebar success the last few years has probably hindered is inter-county development. Probably a year too soon for Boland. Not physical enough. Probably get away with it in connacht championship but after that no. Too easy to turn the ball over off him. I know Kirby and Nally are technically not "new" players but they haven't had much game time in the last few years.

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