LiveTracker - Sunday, January 13, 2019

Connacht SFL round 2
Galway 1-09 Mayo 1-09, Tuam Stadium, 1.30pm FT (Galway win 4-2 on penalties)
Roscommon 2-18 Sligo 1-16, Dr Hyde Park, 1.30pm FT

McKenna Cup semi-finals
Derry 1-08 Tyrone 0-14, Athletic Grounds, 2pm FT
Armagh 0-14 Donegal 1-10, Healy Park, 2pm FT

Munster SHL final
Clare 4-19 Tipperary 1-18, Gaelic Grounds, 2pm FT

Walsh Cup semi-finals
Wexford 0-16 Kilkenny 0-13, Bellefield, 2pm FT
Dublin 1-17 Galway 0-21, Parnell Park, 2pm FT

Kehoe Cup semi-finals
Antrim 4-20 Kildare 1-19, Abbottstown, 2pm FT
Westmeath 1-25 Meath 1-13, Kinnegad, 2pm FT

Kehoe Shield final
Louth 1-18 DCU-St Patricks 0-14, Darver, 2pm FT

3:42 PM

That's all the full-time scores in for today. Thanks for reading!

3:41 PM

Walsh Cup full time: Wexford 0-16 Kilkenny 0-13

Seamus Casey tagged on the last point as the Model County got the better of the Cats to book a date with Galway in the final.

3:40 PM

McKenna Cup full time: Derry 1-8 Tyrone 0-14

A strong finish from the Red Hands is enough to see the through to a final meeting with Armagh.

3:38 PM

Munster SHL final full time: Clare 4-19 Tipperary 1-18

Goals the difference here as Clare claim the title in front of a big crowd!

3:37 PM

Kehoe Cup full time: Westmeath 1-25 Meath 1-13

The Lake County will have home advantage against Antrim in the final.

3:36 PM

McKenna Cup full time: Armagh 0-14 Donegal 1-10

Armagh are through to the McKenna Cup final!

3:35 PM

Walsh Cup full time: Dublin 1-17 Galway 0-21

A wonderful fightback from Dublin but it's Galway who progress to the final by the minimum margin.

3:33 PM

Kehoe Shield full time: Louth 1-18 DCU-St Patricks 0-14

A big boost for the Wee County hurlers, who have some early-season silverware to shake.

3:32 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 1-7 Tyrone 0-12

Another Harte free doubles Tyrone's lead.

3:32 PM

Kehoe Cup full time: Antrim 4-20 Kildare 1-19

The Glensmen take their place in the final against Westmeath.

3:31 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-14 Donegal 1-10

Rory Grugan gives Armagh the lead with two minutes left!

3:30 PM

Walsh Cup: Dublin 1-16 Galway 0-20

Oisin O'Rorke's free sets up a tense finale!

3:28 PM

Have we more penalty shootouts on the way today?...

3:26 PM

Walsh Cup: Wexford 0-15 Kilkenny 0-13

Richie Hogan pops over a free.

3:26 PM


A huge score for the Dublin hurlers as Sean Moran nets a penalty - 1-15 to 0-20!

3:25 PM

Walsh Cup: Wexford 0-15 Kilkenny 0-12

Foley with a massive point for the Model County as we move into the last five minutes.

3:24 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 1-7 Tyrone 0-11

Sub Peter Harte's free on the hour pushes the Red Hands back in front.

3:23 PM

Walsh Cup: Dublin 0-15 Galway 0-20

Seven minutes left as Chris Crummey points for the hosts.

3:22 PM


Kildare's hurlers had fought back superly but McNaughton has just hit Antrim's fourth major - 4-15 to 0-18!

3:19 PM

Connacht SFL full time: Galway 1-9 Mayo 1-9 (Galway win 4-2 on penalties)

Silke, Heaney, McHugh and Flynn fire home four out of four for the hosts!

3:17 PM

Walsh Cup: Wexford 0-13 Kilkenny 0-11

Foley strokes over a free with 13 minutes left.

3:16 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-12 Donegal 1-9

This time it's Jason McGee who equalises.

3:15 PM

Kehoe Cup: Antrim 3-14 Kildare 0-15

Kildare's Brian Byrne fires over a free.

3:15 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-12 Donegal 1-8

Grimley the scorer as Armagh reclaim the lead.

3:13 PM

The Royals are down to 14 men, by the way.

3:12 PM


Niall Mitchell for the Westmeath hurlers, who lead Meath 1-19 to 1-9!

3:11 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 1-7 Tyrone 0-10

Harte's free ties the scores up once more.

3:10 PM

Connacht SFL full time: Roscommon 2-18 Sligo 1-16

The Rossies advance to the final after a very exciting contest at The Hyde.

3:09 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-10 Donegal 1-8

Thompson on target as the lead changes hands again.

3:08 PM


Patrick Coney for Derry in the 45th minute - they lead Tyrone by 1-7 to 0-8!

3:07 PM


Guilfoyle registered the fourth of the day for Clare's hurlers, who currently lead Tipp by 4-11 to 0-13.

3:06 PM


Mayo will contest a penalty shoot-out for the second weekend running. Barry McHugh's late goal for Galway forces the shootout in Tuam...

3:05 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 0-6 Tyrone 0-8

Substitute Darragh Canavan - son of Peter - points for the Red Hands.

3:03 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-9 Donegal 1-6

Langan's free gets Donegal back level again.

3:01 PM


Three minutes into injury time at the end of the second half, Barry McHugh nets to draw Galway level with Mayo - 1-9 apiece!

3:00 PM

Walsh Cup: Dublin 0-10 Galway 0-15

Donal Burke points for Dublin, who now have the wind behind them.

2:59 PM

Red cards!

Liam Blanchfield of Kilkenny and Wexford's Jack O'Connor are both off!

2:57 PM


Colin Guilfoyle possibly the scorer this time as Clare grab their third major - 3-6 to 0-11!

2:56 PM

Walsh Cup: Wexford 0-8 Kilkenny 0-8

Sub Jack O'Connor nails a Wexford free.

2:55 PM

Munster SHL final: Clare 2-6 Tipperary 0-11

Shane Golden lofts over the first point of the second half.

2:54 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 2-14 Sligo 1-15

Murphy brings his tally so far to 1-8.

2:53 PM


Some crowd at the Munster hurling league final!

2:51 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 2-13 Sligo 1-14

Donie Smith doubles the Rossies' advantage.

2:49 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 2-12 Sligo 1-14

Niall Daly for the Rossies, who got a rather lucky second goal eleven minutes into the second half.

2:48 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 2-11 Sligo 1-14

Pat Hughes brings Sligo level again!

2:47 PM

Connacht SFL: Galway 0-8 Mayo 1-9

Reape's point has Mayo four to the good.

2:46 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 2-11 Sligo 1-13

That man Murphy pulls back a Sligo point from a free.

2:44 PM

Kehoe Shield half time: Louth 1-11 DCU-St Patricks 0-5

The Wee County closing in on silverware.

2:43 PM

Walsh Cup half time: Wexford 0-7 Kilkenny 0-8

Kevin Kelly's brace of frees had edged the Cats two clear but Kehoe (free) closes the first-half scoring.

2:41 PM

Kehoe Cup half time: Antrim 3-10 Kildare 0-8

The Glensmen have been on top in all departments so far.

2:40 PM

Walsh Cup half time: Dublin 0-8 Galway 0-15

The Tribesmen looking good for a place in the final.

2:40 PM

McKenna Cup half time: Derry 0-6 Tyrone 0-6

Three unanswered points see the Red Hands retire on terms.

2:39 PM

Kehoe Cup half time: Westmeath 0-17 Meath 1-3

The Lake County in total control heree.

2:38 PM

McKenna Cup half time: Armagh 0-9 Donegal 1-5

Niall Grimley's free gives Armagh a slender cushion at the break, with wind advantage to come.

2:37 PM

Munster SHL final half time: Clare 2-5 Tipperary 0-11

All square at the interval in Limerick!

2:35 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 1-8 Sligo 1-10

Donie Smith hits the Rossies' second point since the restart.

2:34 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-8 Donegal 1-5

And Campbell equalises once more for a very gritty Armagh side.

2:34 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 0-6 Tyrone 0-3

Lynn fists his third to make it double scores.

2:33 PM

Kehoe Cup

Antrim and Westmeath are on course for the final, making light work of Kildare and Meath respectively.

2:32 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-7 Donegal 1-5

Brennan restores Donegal's lead after Rian O'Neill had equalised.

2:31 PM

Walsh Cup: Wexford 0-6 Kilkenny 0-5

Harry Kehoe points a free as Wexford keep their noses in front.

2:30 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 0-5 Tyrone 0-3

Bradley knocks over a routine free.

2:28 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-6 Donegal 1-4

Niall Grimley (free) and Rory Grugan for the Orchard County, who are playing into the wind.

2:27 PM

Kehoe Cup: Westmeath 0-13 Meath 1-1

Killian Doyle with another score for the rampant hosts.

2:26 PM

Connacht SFL: Galway 0-3 Mayo 1-6

Doherty's free leaves six between the teams early in the second half.

2:25 PM

Walsh Cup: Dublin 0-4 Galway 0-9

Galway starting to pull away at Parnell Park.

2:24 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 0-3 Tyrone 0-2

Enda Lynn restores Derry's advantage.

2:24 PM


Jason McGee hits a Donegal goal! 1-4 to 0-4!

2:23 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-4 Donegal 0-4

Stefan Campbell the scorer as Armagh draw level. But...

2:22 PM

Walsh Cup: Wexford 0-4 Kilkenny 0-4

Kilkenny wing back Conor Delaney points on 21 minutes.

2:22 PM


Tony Kelly has netted Clare's second and they now lead Tipp by 2-2 to 0-5!

2:21 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 0-2 Tyrone 0-2

A second score of the afternoon for Chrissy Bradley.

2:20 PM

Munster SHL final: Clare 1-2 Tipperary 0-5

Diarmuid Ryan gets the Banner County back on terms.

2:20 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 0-1 Tyrone 0-2

Ronan O'Neill curls over the lead point.

2:19 PM

Kehoe Cup: Westmeath 0-9 Meath 1-1

Niall Mitchell strikes Westmeath's ninth score.

2:18 PM


Cathal McInerney gets the Clare hurlers back into contention against Tipperary - 1-1 to 0-5!

2:17 PM

Kehoe Cup: Antrim 2-6 Kildare 0-3

Nigel Elliott for the Glensmen.

2:16 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-2 Donegal 0-4

Ciaran Thompson's free is cancelled out by Jemar Hall.

2:15 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 0-1 Tyrone 0-1

Wing back Ben McDonnell powers forward to equalise.

2:14 PM

Kehoe Cup: Westmeath 0-7 Meath 1-0

Robbie Greville increases the gap.

2:14 PM


Seaghan Conneely nets for the Louth hurlers, who lead by 1-4 to 0-1!

2:13 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-1 Donegal 0-3

Brennan with his second for the Ulster champions.

2:12 PM

Kehoe Cup: Westmeath 0-6 Meath 1-0

Allan Devine on target for the Lake men.

2:11 PM

Walsh Cup: Dublin 0-2 Galway 0-3

Eamonn Dillon's point halves the deficit.

2:10 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-1 Donegal 0-2

Jamie Brennan's free has Donegal ahead.

2:09 PM

Walsh Cup: Wexford 0-2 Kilkenny 0-2

Paudie Foley equalises from a free.

2:09 PM

Connacht SFL half time: Roscommon 1-6 Sligo 1-10

Having trailed by five, Sligo lead by four at the short whistle.

2:08 PM

McKenna Cup: Derry 0-1 Tyrone 0-0

Chrissy Bradley taps over a close-range free.

2:07 PM

Connacht SFL half time: Galway 0-3 Mayo 1-5

Mayo in control at the break.

2:06 PM

McKenna Cup: Armagh 0-1 Donegal 0-1

Michael Langan ties the score up in Omagh.

2:05 PM

Munster SHL final: Clare 0-1 Tipperary 0-1

Jason Forde got Tipp's point from a sideline cut.

2:04 PM


James McNaughton and Keelan Molloy with two quickfire goals for Antrim. They lead Kildare 2-1 to no score!

2:03 PM

Walsh Cup: Wexford 0-0 Kilkenny 0-1

Midfielder Conor Fogarty opens the scoring.

2:01 PM


Jason Doherty gathers a long delivery and blasts to the Galway net as Mayo lead by 1-5 to 0-2!

2:00 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 1-4 Sligo 1-8

Towey points for Sligo, who have registered 1-6 without reply.

1:58 PM

Connacht SFL: Galway 0-2 Mayo 0-5

But Reape replies immediately.

1:57 PM

Connacht SFL: Galway 0-2 Mayo 0-4

Barry McHugh reduces the gap from a free.

1:56 PM

We'll have eight more matches throwing in any minute now...

1:56 PM


An eight-point turnaround at The Hyde, where Niall Murphy tucks away a Sligo penalty to make it 1-7 to 0-7!

1:54 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 1-4 Sligo 0-7

Some fightback from the Yeats County!

1:52 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 1-4 Sligo 0-5

Murphy knocks over his fourth point, and third in succession.

1:51 PM

Connacht SFL: Galway 0-1 Mayo 0-4

John Daly's free gets Kevin Walsh's men off the mark.

1:50 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 1-4 Sligo 0-4

Two points in a row from Murphy.

1:48 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 1-4 Sligo 0-3

Murphy pulls one back.

1:47 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 1-4 Sligo 0-2

And Enda Smith stretches the gap further.

1:46 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 1-3 Sligo 0-2

Ciaran Lennon leaves four between the sides with 15 minutes played.

1:44 PM

Connacht SFL: Galway 0-0 Mayo 0-4

Doherty spears over his second free of the day.

1:44 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 1-2 Sligo 0-2

Luke Towey's strike from a tight angle keeps Sligo in contention.

1:43 PM

Connacht SFL: Galway 0-0 Mayo 0-3

Brian Reape makes it three-zip.

1:43 PM

Team news:

Another change to the Derry XV as Jack Doherty replaces Emmett Bradley.

1:41 PM


Clear daylight between the sides now at Dr Hyde Park as Shane Killoran's major makes it 1-2 to 0-1!

1:40 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 0-2 Sligo 0-0

Conor Daly nudges the Rossies back in front.

1:39 PM

Connacht SFL: Galway 0-0 Mayo 0-2

Conor Diskin and Jason Doherty (free) give the visitors a decent start.

1:38 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 0-1 Sligo 0-1

A Niall Murphy free has the sides level.

1:38 PM

Team news:

Jason Rocks replaces Martin Bradley in Derry's starting team.

1:35 PM

Connacht SFL: Roscommon 0-1 Sligo 0-0

Cathal Cregg's third-minute free has us up and running.

1:31 PM

Game on!

The stand is almost full. First of many meetings of these teams in 2019.

1:30 PM

Some atmosphere in Tuam where the latest meeting of Galway and Mayo is imminent.

1:26 PM

Some great pairings today; many of them would make for exceptional summer fare.

1:24 PM

Most of the teams in action today won't play again until the league starts in a couple of weeks. Some of them will get an extra game next weekend.

1:19 PM

Team news:

Niall Kilroy replaces Conor Devaney for the Rossies.

1:13 PM

Team news:

David Quinn replaces Barry Gorman in the Sligo XV.

11:48 AM

I'll be back later with text commentary on all the action.

11:48 AM

The Connacht SFL maches commence at 1:30, with everything else throwing in at 2:00.

11:47 AM

Kehoe Shield

Louth and DCU-St Patricks contest the inaugural decider.

11:47 AM

Kehoe Cup

The final line-up will be determined after Antrim play Kildare at Abbotstown and Westmeath take on Meath in Kinnegad.

11:46 AM

Munster SHL

Sticking with hurling, a mouth-watering final at the Gaelic Grounds sees Clare lock horns with Tipperary.

11:45 AM

Walsh Cup

We're also down to the last four in the Walsh Cup: Wexford are at home to Kilkenny and Galway travel to Parnell Park to take on Dublin.

11:44 AM

McKenna Cup

There are also two enticing semi-final fixtures in Ulster, with Derry and Armagh up against Tyrone and Donegal respectively. Both games are at neutral venues.

11:43 AM

Connacht SFL

Galway entertain Mayo and Roscommon host Sligo to determine the final line-up in the West.

11:42 AM

Business end

As the pre-season competitions gather pace, silverware will be handed out at two venues this afternoon, while there are also eight semi-finals taking place.

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