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U21s V Mayo 2016

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A week a half from the game. Going to be a tuff ask with Mayo seniors such as Diarmuid O'Connor, Conor Loftus and Michael Hall and so forth. Our team from the games I've seen is based on a good defence which in-fairness we do have. The loss of Plunkett to these team cannot be overstated however, he was their leader and by far their best player and scorer. Alan McTague llness and Keith Beirnes commitment to soccer were other big blows. 90% of this team is eligible again next year when I feel they will make a real impact. Mitchell, McHugh, McTague and Madden are all good defenders however. Dolan and Cullen from the Bridgets u21 team will probably be midfield or Mcgovern from Ballinamore. Then Gaffney, O'Rourke, Farrell and Heslin will be the main forwards. So much potential to build on in this panel. Would expect a bigger crowd to come watch these then who watch the senior games.

Leitrim1234 (Leitrim) - Posts: 241 - 09/03/2016 19:23:41    1833016


Due to work couldn't make the game yesterday, what was it like? Any hope for the future coming from this team?

green.and.gold (Leitrim) - Posts: 400 - 20/03/2016 10:00:34    1836050


Big crowd at game! Although a very good mayo support which you'd expect. Thought mcgovern was very good before injury especially first half. Farrell was immense in the first half. Dolan and Cullen are two impressive lads at only 19. Lots to build on and be hopeful of I think. First goal was very sloppy at a time we were well in the game. And penalty looked a bit soft to me. These 2 goals changed the running of the game and mayo were very strong in the 3rd quarter. This is a team I'd expect to be going for an Ireland

Fr.spodo_gamodo (Leitrim) - Posts: 184 - 20/03/2016 10:35:45    1836055


Commendable effort from a very young U21 team, inability to score goals and an underused full forward line were disappointing.

Dodgy_Pass (Leitrim) - Posts: 325 - 21/03/2016 12:03:05    1836352


A decent effort by the U21s, could have been so much more. The lack of a wee bit of cuteness or leadership cost them at times. All four goals Mayo got were soft and our inability to convert 3 brilliant chances of our own in the first twenty minutes killed us. Unbelievable potential for next year added to with Plunkett kettle available and maybe Rooney from the U21s and there's a savage chance for a Connacht title there for them. Pearce Dolan was excellent the other day, Cullen and Gaffney were our other two standout players. O'Rourke and Heslin also had the beatings of their markers every time. Hopefully they can now stick together and push on.

Leitrim1234 (Leitrim) - Posts: 241 - 22/03/2016 12:44:26    1836712


There are an promising group of young footballers in Leitrim, let's do what it takes to develop these guys into top inter-county footballers. Let's take encouragement from teams like monaghan who except from an Ulster title in 2013 I think, they had very little success at underage level but have developed a few promising minors each year and are a top division one side

3rdmidfielder (Australia) - Posts: 92 - 22/03/2016 16:37:57    1836816