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No Paddy Maguire, dodgy selection.

bugsie (Leitrim) - Posts: 186 - 12/01/2016 17:07:54    1816112


Good spot and thanks Bugsie, don't know how I managed to overlook him!

Dodgy_Pass (Leitrim) - Posts: 325 - 12/01/2016 19:54:57    1816170


Wrynn would be a good option to leave inside alright especially if you left him and Kennedy in there alone together. Would leave good space and allow Conlan to come outfield to create as his scoring rate in the last year has been poor, But then the issue is that we have no replacement for him at midfield. I see Sweeney is back on the panel after retiring he may be an option, but I wonder is he fully committed or just "helping out" when there are injuries like so many of the Manor team seem to be doing.
Harsh criticism of Prior, has surely been on the panel for 10 years and is a very good ball player, and if we are not rating them on how they play for their clubs and then for the county how do you asses them ?
Hopefully Gallagher and Kennedy will be back this weekend. Murphy, Gallagher and McGuire is the strongest fullback line we will have had since the heyday of John McKeown and Co (Still nowhere near as close) but a good sign.
Would be good to have a strong win this weekend before the league starts.

Leitrim1234 (Leitrim) - Posts: 241 - 13/01/2016 17:39:05    1816410


In my opinion Gary Reynolds will have zero problems retaining the No.6 jersey, he just has more of a physical presence(tank) in that central position. Mckeirnan for me will take mcrann's jersey by summer time. Wrynne is needed at midfield because of his knifing runs into the forward line and his movement is sublime but he is also needed at full back. Gallagher (although a good player) proved he does not have the physicality and strength to deal with Comer last year in Carrick, who rounded him easily every time. I think Niall woods could be the answer there. N odonnell is a real find and has all the attributes to be a top quality inter county player, let's hope he can be keep on the straight and narrow! Mulligan is class and he just needs time to get used to the pace again. As with Mulvey, anyone who has seen him at club level knows he has massive talent, strong, skill full and great hands in the air but it will take time to get up to inter county pace. . No easy ball won! I'm liking the team dynamic this year, with P Mcguire back and M. Plunked to come in I think we can do well. Competition is the key to success.

Familydad89 (Leitrim) - Posts: 32 - 15/01/2016 15:40:59    1816900


Even though we secured a decent win yesterday it was probably the worst iv seen Leitrim play this year. Our basics at times were poor especially our shooting in the first half where we let about 5 scorable chances go. The heavy pitch didn't suit either side to be fair. I expected the management to shake up the team and give game time to squad players but this didn't really happen which cant be good for morale. Plunkett did start however when he looked clearly injured which to me is wreckless behavior by the management team to use a player in a game like that when clearly injured especially at a time when he is a key man for the U21s and will be necessary for the seniors in the league. Shane Moran looked to have sustained a bad injury hopefully its not serious. Sweeney did well when he was introduced. It is clear to see we have a defensive game plan with Conlan as our sweeper which is weird to some as he would be seen as one of our best score takers in a team which struggles to score. The worrying aspect is even though we have a defensive game plan there seems to be no strategy for attacking, Kennedy showed quite well yesterday but Mulligan O'Donnell and Plunkett were generally way to far from goals to create any real danger which then left Croal and Kennedy far to isolated. We also dropped our intensity levels far to much after Sligo got a man sent off but I would imagine/hope that is down to hard training during the week. Persisting with 2 sweepers while a man up was also baffling to anyone in the crowd? I see Paul Brennan is back in the team, no matter how controversial that is we need our top players and he is most definitely one of them. Worryingly we also looked troubled under high balls yesterday which is something we need to improve on. Hopefully our injuries clear up within the next few weeks and we give the league a real shot as we are well capable of going up.

Leitrim1234 (Leitrim) - Posts: 241 - 18/01/2016 12:12:49    1817330


Has Paul Brennan joined the County panel again? If so, he would strenghten squad as we small pick!

Leitrim36 (Leitrim) - Posts: 55 - 18/01/2016 13:00:39    1817347


some positives to emerge from FBD campaign. the return of leitrims' 2 genuinely class intercounty footballers ie Paddy Maguire and Emlyn Mulligan a huge boost. Nevin O'Donnell looking like an asset also. The continued development of mark plunkett is also a plus. on the negative side the lack of cohesion among our front six as a unit is a concern, and will be something management will have to work on in advance of the opening 3 games which will make or break our promotion prospects. if we can get a good return from croal and kennedy inside it could make all the difference as i expect other teams to target o'donnell and mulligan as our main forward threat.

totalrecall (Leitrim) - Posts: 491 - 18/01/2016 15:33:07    1817409


one thing i do find baffling on this forum is the amount of time spent discussing players outside the panel who are obviously not prepared to commit and what clubs players are being picked from. personally i don't care where the players come from if they are committed to the county's cause and secondly if they aren't prepared to commit, (and it is a huge commitment to give for any man to play county football), i would forget about them. Sometimes we as supporters can place unreallistic expectations on the county team, (there are good reasons we have being playing in div 4 for so long), it comes down to a small pick and limited resources, facilities and a lack of a coaching plan county wide from underage up. people are quick to blame the county baord but it is the clubs who select the board and it is the small minded parochialism of clubs that is holding back the overall development of football in the county.

totalrecall (Leitrim) - Posts: 491 - 18/01/2016 16:18:22    1817429