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Leitrim v Galway

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Firstly Galway were deserving winners no doubt about it, just like in Dessie Dolan tenure our lack of a top class forward curtailed us massively. however it is disappointing as I feel Galway were there for the taking. I also must say even though I'm not a fan of the defensive system Galway seemed to struggle to figure it out, Walsh sice and Lundy were all poor and beforehand I would have said they were there 3 best players. I also feel we won midfield or atleast broke even. We now have good ball winners in Wrynn Sweeney Moran and a few others we just lacked them close to goal. For the next day I feel there should only be a few changes. McGowan for McGrAil and play Prior as the Sweeper instead of Beck.

Looking even further ahead there is a decent team coming together.
Murphy Madden McGuire
McWeeney Reynolds Wynne
Plunkett Mulligan Wrynn
Conlan Kennedy McLoughlin

Just my thoughts added with the improved coaching that has been happening at underage Leitrim supporters should be positive.

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