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Well said Grey Wolf. Just agree with the poster who said that we are what we are and we are where we a re for a reason. Trust me on this we have no Brogan's, Gooches or Michael Dara's at home relaxing. These are the best lads who made themselves available. Some lack experience but that comes with games, the transition and turnover of players with the county team is definitely our biggest disadvantage. Finally show some respect to the lads who have the desire to wear the green and stop talking about retired players taking their places. By all means mention players who want to play and have been ignored but those who opted out or are injured at the moment couldn't play yesterday so that is that. Kerry have suffered the loss of Gooch, they got on with it. No excuses from them survived in the same year Galvin and Tomas retired. And 94 write them off at your peril. Last year a lot of people made that mistake.

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@bananapublican gooch and galvin could actually be a help to them

Maybe a simliar story with Derry re Bradleys

As for our own set up yes there is hidden talent in our clubs that for many reasons isn't with leitrim

Being purposely held back because the wrong people might be running a club or even think their running a club

Commitment, family,work and so on is the reasons

What ouryear has said is true about players going round like they have a few allirelands on the mantlepiece at home

Were in the lower 10 whereas we'd like to be in the top 15 atleast

I've been drumming on about the style of game shane ward is playing with the u21 setup

For years now I've been saying it and 14 men behind the ball with a big Michael Murphy style man on the edge of the square is the only game to play

And a panel of 26 with 10 of them injured or dosed with a flu isn't good enough we need 50+ players to pick from

Common sense says that when we've been hit with injury for a good many years now coming I.to big games that's why we're not able to finish out a league or connacht campaign

But I bet the boys can afford a holiday to London

When it should be just the 15+subs physio manager +coaches travelling at the county's expense

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