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We have a break before our next game. Good night John Bob

SeanMacDiarmada (Leitrim) - Posts: 289 - 01/07/2013 21:06:55    1421101


Boxtyeater - I have no problem whatsoever with you or anyone else nitpicking my post or disagreeing with me. As I say everyone is entitled to their opinion but I would hope we can all debate with each other in a measured, reasonable and mannerly way instead of insulting one and other and players, management, officials etc that are giving up their time and energy to represent Leitrim in the best way they can. And yes I didn't think the tactics were great in the first half; I actually think they were trying to flood midfield and defence but failed badly. However you'd have to concede that they were significantly affected by losing three key players in that period too (although Egan didn't go off until half time, it was clear he was injured from about 20 minutes in). The three leaving left us totally disorganised - the 2nd goal in particular seemed to me to arise from confusion over who was picking up who. It was a disaster, but I'm quite certain it wasn't how either the players or management wanted it to pan out!!

I do think any management team is entitled to 3 years and I stand by my assertion that we have progressed. Players like Kevin Conlon, Paddy Mc Gowan, Darren Sweeney, Alan Wynne, Paddy Maguire etc have been a revelation for me over the last two years; guys I didn't know a huge amount about, who were decent club players but are now extremely presentable county players in my eyes. I think a management team that developed them deserve another year - regardless of the Armagh result. Three years is a natural cycle and we should complete it and then judge. I know there are many out there who simply don't wan this management to continue because they think it will mean no return for Shane, Wayne, Mossy or Conor. That's fair enough too but next January is a long way off and a lot of water will have gone under the bridge since then; I don't see why an olive branch can't be offered and accepted if everyone is willing to move on.

And my final point would be that it is fine getting rid of the management team but we sure as hell had better have someone lined up to replace them. There wasn't exactly a queue when Moran had to go; in fact there was nobody at all interested and hence the two lads stepped into the breach.

I would love to see some of our injured players back for the Armagh game and see us give it a shot with a partizan crowd in Carrick. They are about the one level with Laois I would say - they looked incredible against Wicklow but that seems to have been the exception in terms of their performances this year rather than the rule.

leitrimlhady (Leitrim) - Posts: 75 - 02/07/2013 09:28:37    1421226


having spoke with one of the 4 lads at the weekend there is not a chance of them returning under the current regime

would you given certain comments made in the press?

as for who would step up, we need someone with man management skills as well as football knowledge, but someone who will take no crap from anyone in the dressing room so no room for those who like to be in the media a lot, close the shop and make sure we do the bare minimum in the media as that is what has infected the initial problem of the 4 lads

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 02/07/2013 10:39:08    1421287