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Now that we have just acquired Cian Reynolds from Kildare I wonder are there any other players from other counties that anyone may know about that are thinking of switching to Leitrim for the 2013 season.

irishexpat30 (Leitrim) - Posts: 69 - 03/01/2013 14:18:20    1313102


I was just thinking next year we will have mulligan playing his football in dublin,reynolds in kildare and williams in longford. there used to be a brendan gallagher fella on the panel and i think he played with lucan sarsfields in dublin anyone know if he is still around? anyway it defo will improve there own game playing away from leitrim.

Villatown (Leitrim) - Posts: 897 - 03/01/2013 16:46:38    1313234


I agree it'll improve mulligan's game but there is no guarantee he will even make the starting 11. The club football scene in Dublin is miles ahead of our own so it'll take him a while to adjust. If he can claim a starting spot, it can only benefit Leitrim.

irishexpat30 (Leitrim) - Posts: 69 - 03/01/2013 17:29:57    1313266


There are plenty of lads dotted around the country with Leitrim parents and grandparents and maybe if we get to a Connacht final or even win a Connacht final this year which I hope we will

Then these lads might come knocking

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 03/01/2013 18:10:32    1313284


Ref. Irishexpat, he certainly will, the eleven a side dublin championship, will make competition for places much more difficult :)

bugsie (Leitrim) - Posts: 191 - 03/01/2013 18:30:29    1313299


Pity there's no like button for that stuff.

Hudhastings (Leitrim) - Posts: 87 - 03/01/2013 19:15:48    1313312


well done sir, well done.

irishexpat30 (Leitrim) - Posts: 69 - 03/01/2013 21:35:05    1313419


Is mulligan going back to the soccer?

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 04/01/2013 11:26:21    1313499


Mulligan will play for Bridget's. He will have to fight for his place, but if I was to pick a footballer,who I think would be able to step up to the mark, it would be a player of his quality. As well as a free taker his has great vision, a great passer of a ball and can make space for himself, where others would falter. In Dublin he will improve on weaknesses in his game, he will be playing with and against a better caliber of player. Any talk of him going back to soccer is rubbish.He is loyal to Leitrim, and hopefully Leitrim supporters, will recognize this, and give him, and the Leitrim players their full support. Cut out the negativity and lets be positive this year. Come on Leitrim

scorpio (Leitrim) - Posts: 37 - 05/01/2013 15:54:57    1313949


Spot on Scorpio, I feel that other aspects of his game are often overlooked; to my mind he outplayed both Vaughan of Mayo (when he was on him) and the highly rated O'Loughlin of Laois in last year's championship, while his vision and kick passing to Glancy against Wicklow was superb. Mulligan will thrive competing against stronger club footballers and this can only be a positive for Leitrim.

northernsoul (Leitrim) - Posts: 78 - 05/01/2013 16:23:13    1313958