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10 Reasons for players not to emigrate

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1. Things can only get better, there has to be a boom in job creation soon.
2. Houses were never cheaper. You could realistically buy a house in Leitrim now for 50,000 euro.
3. County has smallest pool of players so by that logic it is the easiest panel to make.
4. Fields are green far away. NY, Sydney, London are cities where 4.30am starts are the norm, home at 7pm . Don't know but even thebiggest slave driver in Leitrim has more accomodating hours than this.
5. The GAA scene abroad is a social scene, it is not very well run, clubs use you until the J1 visa kids arrive and then leave you sitting for the entire summer.
6. During a recession they say it is the best time to further your education or develop your skill set. With most people berating the country it has a good College scene and accessibility to a course is still within almost everyone's scope.
7. The club structure at home is like no other network, be it business or recreational. The thing that can annoy you at times about the club is the thing that you will grow to miss the most. The incessant need of everybody to know your business and give advice. Abroad you are not going to be bothered by anyone about the small stuff but it does make you miss home more.
8. Money is not everything, if the Celtic Tiger thought us anything we should have learned that greed did not suit the Irish psyche. No rush in buying property, big car and nailing down a pensionable job. There is lots of time for such things. Your football career is short in comparison.
9. The damn internet, likes of facebook, websites such as Hogan Stand will only lead you to being even more homesick. When it was just a letter once a year or having the local operator listening in to your calls home it was easier to overcome this. Now photos on facebook of all the unemployed people happy at home makes you wonder was uprooting worth it.
10. No matter where you go you can never call it home!

Just things for perspective emigrants to rue over! It is a killer to lose great talent in the county but understandable all the same.

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 868 - 17/10/2012 21:03:06    1284710


I'm hopeful about Number 1 but it is doubtful if we can get the same levels of employment again. Your third point has always driven me on when training. No matter what club you're at either. Look at the Beirne's at Eslin, very small club but if you have the talent, you will be spotted in Leitrim. It's rare enough. Also No.5 is very true. While other sports have good amateur games, it is the whole package is what makes the GAA great. I mean, everyone in villages around the country will support the local team in some way or another. I had many arguments with foreigners trying to explain the great thing about the amateur ethos. you can play aussie rules, american football, soccer but there is nothing like celebrating a victory with your neighbours. And no.8 is very true. Football career is very short. a few years out of it and you might never be up to pace again.

Good to hear a bit of positivity somewhere. I think the press enjoy the negativity too much, whether it is NAMA or Trap.

LeitrimLover (Leitrim) - Posts: 120 - 17/10/2012 21:18:38    1284724


The points are valid bananarepublican

However the j1 point and club structure at home is debatable

You don't have to go to Boston to see good players left kn the bench during the championship they trained hard at home for all year and so looked forward too

All it takes is an overpowered official that has nothing to do with the team to ruin a teams championship by denying the good players games because their relatives want to loose the game

It hurts but it happens

And they wonder why some of us are up in arms

Fields are green far away an other counties have higher standards of senior football
Fitter more skill full a different level that gives a kick of adrenalin when you kick a point or a goal
Them other counties also have decent jobs close to the club 'and the club bar' better facilities and probably a better chance of playing for Leitrim at county level if you play for a senior club in Dublin Meath or even Galway

It's tough but so is life

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 18/10/2012 18:50:30    1285207


Just to add to point number 3 - they are playing New York too, so panel places will be at a premium this year

charlotted (Leitrim) - Posts: 598 - 22/10/2012 14:04:08    1286555


I think a new thread on why players should bother staying would suit better

Get rid of the politicians and we will all come back

No point in giving time to be denied a jersey and a championship

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 24/10/2012 19:28:12    1287817


Keep the politicians where they are if it keeps 94allstar abroad!

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 868 - 24/10/2012 20:22:16    1287845