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spend the summer in chicago

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Well, our club is Na Aisling Gaels G.F.C. (fromally known as lady mcbrides) We compete at the Junior level and are 2008 Chicago AND North American champs. We plan to defend our North American title this coming season. We have a great manager and group of girls who don't take themselves too seriously! We'd love to give you more info if you plan to come to Chicago for the summer on a visa or no visa, any skills are welcomed and we would do our best to help find you accomodation and work. Contact us via email [email protected] or check our website
Chicago is a great city, plenty of things to do, great beaches, a great Gaelic Park...

NaAislingGaels (USA) - Posts: 45 - 05/02/2009 04:52:24    198642