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Ladies should get their own grounds

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No this is not a whinger that the ladies are lodgers in all the GAA grounds....If ladies football is to progress the ladies county boards across the country need to have a long term plan to get their own piece of land to develop for their county teams and for their own internal championship ie finals etc Start small with the pitch and eventually build from there. Will never progress without a home ground in each county ??????

Deicelad (Waterford) - Posts: 13 - 07/11/2008 19:32:47    136446


interesting and optimistic ideas...but unfortunately there isnt the money in ladies football to do it

only87 (Tyrone) - Posts: 29 - 14/11/2008 12:39:38    141424


it could be crazy to put money into getting there own grounds,when they have croke should be put into club and county teams there is alot of expense.

AUST (Kilkenny) - Posts: 13 - 14/11/2008 18:59:58    141819


Aust what I am saying is not for ladies to build something similar to Croke Park but for each county to invest in a fascility in their own county which would cater for there county teams adult and underage to play and train at and could also be used for county club finals underage and adult also.....I beleve they do not need lots of money for this. Start small acquire land and develop it over a lifetime as GAA clubs have done and continue to do...

Dublinexile (Dublin) - Posts: 96 - 16/11/2008 09:03:01    142255


I think the idea is ridiculous. I know in relation to my own county Monaghan that they were involved in the application to get grant aid for the county training grounds. They pay for the use of these facilities throughout the year. Have to be honest and say thats a bit of a silly idea. Use the money at grass roots level and promote the game, try and integrate both men and women so both codes will help in the training of all youngsters.

rollingstones (Monaghan) - Posts: 57 - 05/01/2009 13:04:40    173075


Have to totally agree with rollingstines. The idea that somehow Ladies dont have the right to play in the Current MENS club and County grounds is an insult. By the way I am a man not a lady but in my home club the Ladies team play under the same name as the Men, as they do everywhere else. They generate money for the club more so than the Mens team. So in my view they have more right to avail of the facilities. As for the county Grounds, these are completely under utilized in most Counties and should be available to all codes of Gaelic sports. We opened up Croke Park to Rugby and Soccer but you think we should close it in our ladies.
By the way if you are all talking about attendences at Croke Park for the Ladies All-Ireland. What about some of the other matches and tournaments that are allowed to run there during the year. Take a look at the figures for some the fixtures you'll be surprised.

ArmaghGael27 (Armagh) - Posts: 77 - 20/01/2009 16:52:48    185152


Dont rule this out staright away, its actually not that bad of an idea. I think it would be very beneficial for each county board to have a training ground for their county teams. It is very hard to get clubs willing to give their ground for county ladies teams to train. I myself, tried 14 clubs a few weeks ago to get a pitch for our county senior team to train. I dont blame the clubs as their pitches are getting alot of use this time of year.

Cavan_Ned (Cavan) - Posts: 76 - 16/03/2009 11:43:09    233093


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HeddCelticCamog (UK) - Posts: 34 - 23/05/2009 21:24:03    291876


that is just ridicilous, & for the clubs & countys who dont let their ladies teams train in the GAA grounds should be ashamed of themselves, my club for one have gone for year with not being aloud train in out club GAA field, & needless to say neither the players, or managment were happy about the situation, but in the past year or so that has all changed, the mens teams have realised the girls are just as entitled to train in the club grounds as the boys are, maybe its because most the teams, both men & women are under new managment, & the chairperson for the girls is the same that is for the boys, so things have changed alot, the mens training gets put on later in the evening to accomidate the girls to train before them, so why waste the money for girls to have their own grounds, when most clubs & county grounds are used by both men & woman?? the money should just be used to advertise the game for ladies, & improve the existing grounds where needed..

kilmeedy_baby (Limerick) - Posts: 35 - 26/09/2009 19:35:15    437273