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All Ireland FInals- Who Will Win?

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Senior - Cork

Intermediate - Clare

Junior - London

Anybody think otherwise?

dingle1 (Clare) - Posts: 805 - 16/09/2008 11:44:37    100672


I believe that the Senior game will be the highest in quality but unfortunately the lowest in terms of entertainment. Cork will be comfortable.
Clare should just pip it in the Intermediate which should be exciting.
The Junior Final though has all the makings to be a classic. You have two teams who should be in the Intermediate grade at least and have played each other a number of times over the past year with Derry winning twice and a draw. London beat our girls (Wicklow) in the Semi's and we played Derry in the league. I'll plump for Derry in this one.

crooks (Wicklow) - Posts: 29 - 17/09/2008 19:05:01    102047



Clare (If they're not over-confident)


football first (None) - Posts: 1145 - 26/09/2008 16:23:02    108977