Kildare - A Chance of any All Stars?

Just wondering now that Kildare are out of the championship does anyone think we will recieve any all stars this year and if so, Who? Mick Foley, Mcgrillen Bolton, And Callaghan were all on their way i thought but now its a pity cause they will probably be overlooked for players from the Teams that made the latter stages. Any opinions?

NurneyNutter (Kildare) - Posts:19 - 02/08/2011 15:53:08   1001697

Foley and Bolton will get nominated and possibly Connolly and Doyle also. Don't think McGrillen will make it. You'd have to wait and see how players in their positions fare in the last few games to judge if they have a realistic shot though.

doublehop (Kildare) - Posts:4168 - 02/08/2011 16:06:26   1001723

I'd say Bolton, Foley, Doyle and Connolly will be nominated. Not sure if we'll get any though.

kefan (Kildare) - Posts:498 - 02/08/2011 16:37:42   1001756

ye for diving

bigbow (UK) - Posts:90 - 02/08/2011 17:24:10   1001823

Kildare are out now "bigbow" and you've had your fun. I think you can probably log back in with your usual username although I doubt you are anymore insightful with that one either.

doublehop (Kildare) - Posts:4168 - 02/08/2011 18:18:02   1001920

stop kidding ourselves for once - we wont get any - full stop.

snacks (Kildare) - Posts:22 - 02/08/2011 19:01:53   1001969

plenty of nominations id say but be lucky to get any after going out in the quarters! foley probably the best hope

chicharito (Kildare) - Posts:77 - 02/08/2011 19:05:56   1001976

glen ryan

bigbow (UK) - Posts:90 - 02/08/2011 19:28:36   1001994

I reckon the following:

Shane Connolly
Mick Foley
Emmet Bolton
Johnny Doyle

Mick Foley

JPM1981 (Kildare) - Posts:825 - 02/08/2011 19:52:44   1002006

conolly, bolton, foley, doyle, t.o.c. dont think we'll get any though knocked out of it too early. paudie should get on but he wont

mmkilcock (Kildare) - Posts:77 - 02/08/2011 20:48:27   1002065

@nurneynutter.. would you think aindriu maclochlainn has a chance of one ?

cilldara14 (Kildare) - Posts:253 - 02/08/2011 21:08:10   1002085

Jeez lads, we played 7 matches in the championship and only missed out on the semi finals in extra time. Also six of our matches were on TV which never hurts your chances come all-star time. Earley won his in 2009 when we made the quarters.

We've really started to believe our own hype when we start referring to the quarter finals as early in the championship.

doublehop (Kildare) - Posts:4168 - 02/08/2011 21:18:06   1002096

Shane Connolly - No three better keepers
Mick Foley - Yes
Emmet Bolton - Yes
Johnny Doyle - Yes
Hugh will get nominated too

We wil get one...........

kcis10 (Kildare) - Posts:104 - 03/08/2011 09:10:41   1002160

its between Mick and Mcgee for the full bacl slot i.m.o

Possom (Kildare) - Posts:322 - 03/08/2011 10:00:12   1002174

Guys would use forever wind ur necks in!! Use were on here last week bragging about how much use were gonna beet Donegal by and now this week after being beet in every sector of the field use are on thinkin use ar gonna win all-stars! Lads forget about the all-stars cos they only go to the quality teams with quality players and who get somewhere respectible in the championship i.e. Kerry, Tryone, Dublin, Donegal and Mayo.

terence (UK) - Posts:39 - 03/08/2011 14:22:10   1002443

The plural of you is not 'use'.

doublehop (Kildare) - Posts:4168 - 03/08/2011 14:40:01   1002476

if donegal beat kildare in every sector why did it take a 101st minute point to seal victory for them you clown! get off the kildare page & talk rubbish somewhere else please! much appreciated!

chicharito (Kildare) - Posts:77 - 03/08/2011 14:40:51   1002478

03/08/2011 14:40:01
County: Kildare
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The plural of you is not 'use'.


Thank you!

Count_Awesome (Kildare) - Posts:717 - 03/08/2011 14:57:22   1002498

doublehop thanks for the english grammer lesson, your a star! ;)

As for you chicharito, stick to the soccer. Incase you didn't realise this is an open forum which means anyone can comment on any page ;). The truth seems to really hurts tho lol!!

See use next year lads with your next team of over hyped, over rated all-stars lol!!

terence (UK) - Posts:39 - 03/08/2011 15:00:29   1002504

As for All-Stars, the selection seems pretty flawed what with John Galvin missing out and a certain someone I wont name (cos I dont like bitching about players where avoidable) getting footballer of the 2009.

Getting nominations is an honour in itself. I think at goalkeeper and across the full back line we have a good shout in each position. I also think Johnny "Mr Versatile" Doyle deserves one. Haven't seen anyone play that kind of midfield role in a long time, they've been turning into AFL-style ruckmen in recent years. Teams dedicated themselves to shutting him down rather than playing their own game - says a lot! I suspect he'll miss out though

Count_Awesome (Kildare) - Posts:717 - 03/08/2011 15:08:54   1002517