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Kerry vs Cork.....good & bad points of the game..

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Forwards excellent as per usual, midfield dodgy as ever since ose's retirement, defence not all that strong either if players like the ose's got injured or something, could put out two strong forward lines theres that many great players coming through, midfield is a huge problem though. will buckley be given a chance to maybe fill the void???

LiosTuathail (Kerry) - Posts: 216 - 07/02/2011 16:25:01    862392


Johnny Buckley has a broken finger or something like that-he is on the panel but yet to be tested on senior level. Kerry folk are expecting a lot from him.

kerrykerry (Kerry) - Posts: 1779 - 07/02/2011 21:07:32    862783


Good points; Geaney's overall performance, excellent anticipation of breaking ball off Kieran. Would be a handful in there with the Gooch in the other corner.

Also liked the look of Darran at Centre Forward, his pace and direct running will cause problems for backs. Can see him winning a fair few frees in that role. Maybe Declan could be deployed at Centre Field playing a role similar to which Eoin did when Dara was not there, excellent footballer can play in any position. Definitely alongside a ballwinner, Buckley maybe??


Full back line, Marc is not a full back, excellent corner back but struggles against more physical oponents. Would use Griffin there for one last year.

Aidan O'Mahony, lacks pace to play at wing back. Would look to switch him and Tomas if Jack wants to play him.

Ciarrai (Kerry) - Posts: 28 - 08/02/2011 20:41:02    863560


Midfield is a minefield,however all is not lost,there are options.How about Brian Sheehan on his return,have been told he plays well
there for his club,I know club and county are different but why not try him alongside Scanlon?The back line can be rejigged,was impressed
with young Lyne,K. Young still has to return,would anyone agree with trying Moran at full back or am I way off the mark?Forwards are flying,plenty of options,if
the Geaneys can maintain their performances in the c'ship then we have no worries there.Imagine a full forward line of Cooper,Donaghy and

bernard3 (Kerry) - Posts: 106 - 09/02/2011 15:10:56    863971


Sheehan for me cannot play with the intensity required for Championship football. I'd look to put Declan in there and have him driving from deep. Declan is an excellent footballer who can adapt his game to any position. If we can get galvin in close on the breaking ball, this could compensate for the lack of a natural fielder in there. Also worth noting that there are not many natural fielders, thanks to Tyrone et al the onus is on breaking ball.

Moran could be worth a shout in at full back, certainly has the physique. Young and Reidy still to come in so plenty of options. If we can solve midfield i expect us to be pretty close this year.

Ciarrai (Kerry) - Posts: 28 - 09/02/2011 15:36:11    863997


It looks like Kerry did all right!

Bigapple (Kerry) - Posts: 495 - 18/02/2011 18:34:49    870992


Kerry look impressive and here I was up in Croker and sheehan was midfield for st marys I was very impressed with his fielding and ball distrubution . Correct me if im wrong but sheehan is flying all over the pitch his fitness has improved alot , also scored 1-1 yesterday coming off the bench . Im aware its early but greaney already looks a real talent , Bar Midfield and full back which are huge positions , Kerry look good .

TheKerryMan (Galway) - Posts: 1 - 21/02/2011 11:21:54    872329