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Kerry v Armagh 2006

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Lads and lassies that's one of the greatest game I ever saw, ye were some team then, couldn't believe how good it was, and we won to end the Northern hoodo!

Its funny what you remember. I was on the Hill and I'd swear it was pretty empty, but seeing the highlights on youtube it looked pretty full. 5 lads from Cross, gave me some pooteen and one of them told me they named their ginger cat gooch but the big black sheep dog was called francie!, Jesus whatever about Gooch, Star got Franice that day. I remember just after that a lad coming down and asking me who's winning, I said Kerry and he asked which colour are they? And I said the Green obliviously, and I looked up, he was wearing a Roma jersey and 10 of them were over for the weekend and someone said Gaelic football was like the gladiators. And all I could relate to that was, do you see no 6 in the red, his Totti!

God lads, I'm drunk and im thinking of this because Axel died and 2006 and all that, but how ye didnt win 2 is beyond me. Armagh ye were some team!!!

TheHermit (Kerry) - Posts: 4112 - 23/10/2016 00:21:05    1928397


good man the hermit, how's she cuttin? We had some great battles alright and that was the pick of them even after 2002. We could've and should've won 2 all Irelands in that era but too may people with self interests like mcgeeney and them mcnultys who were only interested in self promotion after 2002. Big francie was never scared of the kingdom like some of the others, those were the days when football was played properly before them tyrone ones wrecked it lol. Good Luck to Ciarrai in 2017.

Tom1916 (Armagh) - Posts: 1903 - 24/11/2016 15:08:25    1936464