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Hurling Championship in Melbourne 2013

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Just seen that the Melbourne Shamrocks were beaten by Garryowen on Facebook. Just wondering how strong are the teams in Melbourne these days. Was out there a few years ago in 2010 myself to visit a few friends and see a little bit of the place for 2 months and while I was there the Shamrocks won both league and Champioship. But the other teams had some very tasty hurlers aswell.

There was a a chap from Cork who everyone called Gusky, played for Garryowen...Is he still on the scene over there?? Also there was a lad called Coiner or something for Sinn Fein who was very tidy at centre back aswell. I remember the Shamrocks pulled a major stroke by getting Stephen Perkins to hurl for them that year aswell. I often remembered him hurling for Dublin in the late 90's and 00'S. They also had a very nacky lad called Podger who had a seemed to have a serious level of fitness. Are any of those lads still knocking about???All the teams had a high standard of player with no passengers in any position. Some great games of hurling were played in the Gaelic Park ground in Melbourne...particularly between Sinn Fein and Shamrocks who were in both finals.

Also I heard a rumour there was another team starting up in 2012 or there any go on that yet? Someone mentioned to me out there the Wolfe Tones Football club use to i assumed it was them. Has the flow of expats to Melbourne slowed at all yet??....An awful lot of people going to Canada these days it seems.

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Indeed there is another team out here now Wing Back...Dan Breens is their name. Breens are going pretty well for a new club also...they managed to get a few players from other clubs and a few new lads aswell. Its good to have an even number of teams as 3 was competitive but 4 is ideal without diluting the standard. You are correct in what you are saying that the Tones used to hurl...but that was years ago now.

Many of that 2010 Shamrocks team are still on the go out here alright. Perkins is out here still, as are the Rabitte brothers and Mikie Ryan to name the main ones. They lost a few lads like the Podger, Richie Shinnors, Frankie Murphy and a few other nice little hurlers around the edges in the following years who went home. Sean McCann was another rock for that team...Not sure if he's still around to be honest. The other players you mention like Gusky and Coiner were a joy to watch alright. Dominated games and wouldn't look out of place on any county team...Gusky especially.

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I agree with the post.

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