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Replying To riverboys:  "If what the other posters are saying is true then the co board didn't do their homework properly before allowing amalgamation of Hollymount and Carramore it's their mess and as usual the co board have made a balls of something, they didn't learn anything from the amalgamation of Moygownagh and Ardagh in north Mayo few years ago where the clubs joined together for playing purposes but still retained their separate clubs and bank accounts but the co board told them that at co board meetings they only had 1 vote instead of 2 as in theory they are an amalgamated club even though Ardagh and Moygownagh are 2 separate clubs"
County Board Chairman from Hollymount - this should be sorted before too long

imonmyway (Mayo) - Posts: 113 - 25/01/2018 11:16:23    2070536


Just heard the proposed new club st colmans Hollymount has been rejected by county board delegates. what does this mean now? will the Hollymount folk now let bygones be bygones and row in behind hollymount/carramore.

mayomanic (Mayo) - Posts: 49 - 20/02/2018 15:01:10    2078753


Certainly looks like Hollymount folk have let bygones be bygones as Hollymount Carramore look to be up and running again for the year. The unrest at start of year could be just what this team needs to drive them on and compete with the best in Mayo - could be dark horses this year

imonmyway (Mayo) - Posts: 113 - 14/03/2018 12:08:24    2084494