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Great win, unfortunately didn't make it to Aughrim but momentum and a resilience in second halves of games gives me huge reason for optimism. More to come, don't want to get too carried away but management team will ensure the players don't. I would guess the players can't wait for next Sunday. A win v Antrim is possible and sets us up nicely as I expect us to beat London and Waterford. Hopefully we get big support out next Sunday. I can't wait for it.

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 862 - 03/02/2019 17:38:45    2162073


Well done today lads, a great win in bad conditions in a tough venue . Impressive the way we dug the win out, when it seemed to be going away from us , we would have lost that game for sure in years gone by. Our scoring power and our strong bench is definitely pushing us on a level this year, now we need to keep our feet on the ground and make sure we don't slip up next weekend against Antrim ( who may have no points but they are a team we always struggle against) and go into the break with full points. So far so good but more fences to be jumped yet.

green.and.gold (Leitrim) - Posts: 368 - 03/02/2019 19:44:59    2162176


Another good win today. We need 6 wins out of 7 to gain promotion realistically, we can't afford any slip ups. Terry has experience in promotion races which is a trait previous managers haven't had so hopefully he can keep the team on level ground. We're in a good place but we're in February, hoping pairc Sean is buzzing next Sunday as it should be, there's great optimism around the county about this young team, up Leitrim

bounceofball (Leitrim) - Posts: 24 - 03/02/2019 19:48:34    2162183


Well done Leitrim. I dare say that was the game of the weekend across the Division. It was a really good game in tough conditions. A minute from the end I thought Wicklow had it. The soft goal decided the match. Hope you get the promotion you deserve. You never know Wicklow might yet do you a favour. We have definitely improved since last year.

Wicklowman (Wicklow) - Posts: 1031 - 03/02/2019 20:23:53    2162215


The buzz this team are beginning to generate now is definitely building. An absolutely fantastic result today. I don't know how many games in years gone by like that that we lost by a point, too many! But today we dug it out. It's great to see.

Sets up next week for one hell of a game against Antrim. Essentially next weekend's game takes on a cup final game about it. Its win or bust - in my eyes. If we win it we will be promoted I think, as it leaves us with 4 games left of which one we can afford to lose and still go up. If we lost to Antrim then we have to win all remaining games.

If we beat antrim- then i am confident we will beat limerick, London and Waterford to be promoted. If we lose to antrim- then I am not sure about beating Derry away to get promoted. Now I am not saying we can't beat Derry away it's just I would not be confident and would be much happier if we didn't have to rely on doing so. Next weekend is massive. Hope everyone gets to Carrick next Sunday to cheer on Terry and the boys, they are doing Trojan work so far and doing us so proud

leitrim4sam (Leitrim) - Posts: 436 - 03/02/2019 20:33:45    2162224


We need to keep our collective heads together here folks. We're 2/2 but that isn't the end game.
There are opponents with the same aspirations as ourselves. It's basically knockout football in D4.

I can't emphasise the value of today's victory - we clawed a victory from the jaws of defeat.
Massive for the panel and management.

Boxtyeater (Leitrim) - Posts: 632 - 03/02/2019 20:35:17    2162229


Well lads I have no nails left after that. After the ease of winning handy against Wexford we got a Wicklow team that meant business today and we probably got out of jail. Wicklow outplayed us at times and were first to every break. They attacked down the wing opposite the stand in the first half at ease. Both sides missed a goal chance a piece in the first half. This battle see-sawed back and forth the whole game where one team would get a 5 minute spell of dominance. The Wicklow goalies booming and mostly accurate free kicks kept Wicklow in the contest. It seemed to be heading for a draw. The positive was Leitrim never dropped the heads and kept at it until we got the goal in the last minutes. Leitrim made some sloppy handling errors, mistakes in defence and the McKiernan had a few dodgy moments with kickouts but pulled off another great save to keep us in it. Midfield had their moments but sometimes lost the breaks. Wicklow will be kicking themselves, they gave it everything. But we had the resilience and that bit of luck to pull it off. Its done now and we got the 2 points we wanted and it sets us up for next Sunday. Ref was fair so I will mention him on a fine game. This could be the win that makes this Leitrim team. We done what the good teams do. Played bad at times but still ended up on the right side at the end. All in all, a lot done. more to do.

Grey_Wolf (Leitrim) - Posts: 226 - 03/02/2019 20:44:00    2162236


Great win by the lads today...cant recall when I was last so nervous at a Leitrim match...thought it was gone with about 5 minutes to go...and our promotion hopes with it.... Wicklow were tackling hard and seemed to really want it...but full credit to Leitrim they rallied and got the winning goal...once again O Rourke to the rescue..but the ground was heavy...did not suit our runners...we lost a lot of broken ball at midfield...a lot of the long kickouts did not work...on the plus side some of our wides were narrowly off would have gone over other days....we dodged a penalty decision against us...defence did well in the last line when chips were down...we snatched victory at the end and kept cool for those long 5 extra five minutes ...have not felt as positive about our chances in years...roll on next Sunday!!!

liatroim_abu (Leitrim) - Posts: 82 - 03/02/2019 21:21:04    2162264


Excellent result today. 2/2 now and the good thing is there is lots to improve on. Leitrim weren't at there best today but still got the job done. Antrim is huge next week as their backs are to the wall now. They have to win the 5 remaining games to get Promoted. So they will throw everything at us next Sunday.even A draw would be a great result next week it puts Antrim out of contention and then the only team possibly left in the promotion race is Limerick as I have Derry winning all the games.

Champotime18 (Leitrim) - Posts: 166 - 03/02/2019 22:55:53    2162327


Well done to the lads yesterday, Great to come out the right side of a finish like that. Great buzz. The next two matches now key to really gaining momentum in the league. I regard them as more important than any of the fixtures in this summer's championship. There'll hopefully be a big crowd in Carrick next Sunday. Antrim will be fighting tooth and nail to remain in any sort of contention. Another big test of this team's character. Should be a cracking match. I'm really looking forward to it. Then, Limerick away, which has always been a tough place for us. But I ain't gonna miss it! Best of luck lads.

offyertrolley (Leitrim) - Posts: 131 - 04/02/2019 13:06:26    2162480


There's no way I'd be getting excited yet about Leitrim's chances of promotion and you can be sure Terry Hyland is not going to let these young lads get ahead of themselves. The acid test will be next Sunday. Still a few games after that I'd be wary about, particulary Limerick and Waterford... those games in the last few years haven't always gone our way. Of course Derry will be favourites to win all their games so we'll see how we stand after a couple more games. Otherwise, moving in the right direction.

Square_B (Leitrim) - Posts: 124 - 04/02/2019 17:27:20    2162567


Replying To Wicklowman:  "Well done Leitrim. I dare say that was the game of the weekend across the Division. It was a really good game in tough conditions. A minute from the end I thought Wicklow had it. The soft goal decided the match. Hope you get the promotion you deserve. You never know Wicklow might yet do you a favour. We have definitely improved since last year."
To be gracious in defeat is a wonderful human trait. This was Leitrims biggest test since NY and they came through it impressively especially in the final 10 minutes when they kept recycling the ball before driving forward to score two winning points. It showed a maturity unseen in previous Leitrim teams. Antrim will be another tough test as they will be hurting from back to back losses. Wicklow who are a very good team are still very much in the race and can do both of us a favor by beating Limerick who had two relatively easy victories over what looks increasingly likethe basement teams in Div 4.No disrespect to Waterford & London whom Leitrim have yet to play and have caused us serious problems in the past.

leitrimabu1 (Leitrim) - Posts: 67 - 04/02/2019 18:58:42    2162589


Another great second half by the lads in Wicklow. Was brilliant to see so many Leitrim supporters up in Aughrim and I would expect a massive crowd in Carrick to push the boys over the line. Win Saturday and the long held goal of promotion is finally in reach.

Our spread of scores and our rate of scoring from play is great to see. O'Rourke scored 1-3 and was relatively quiet which is the sign of a brilliant player.

Pearce Dolan was very good at Midfield and is beginning to come into his own. Ray Mulvey was very good and Shane Moran was probably our outstanding player.

Dean McGovern got concussed and won't be able to play against Antrim on Sunday! Hasn't clicked for him yet and he will be under pressure to get his place back whenever he returns.
Gary Plunkett has scored in both matches coming off the bench now and set up O'Rourkes goal on Sunday so I'd assume that he's in the driving seat to start on Sunday.

Was interesting that Terry brought Evan Sweeney on as his first attacking sub and he was repaid with a score straight away. Still can't figure out how Darragh Rooney only got 5 mins?

Whatever happens from now on in it's great to see Leitrim players playing with belief again!

OnTheBank (Australia) - Posts: 145 - 05/02/2019 11:29:37    2162712


Looking forward to Sunday now. A huge game for us and Antrim. However if we have a poor first half again then I think we are in big bother. Antrim are a northern team and I have no doubt will be able to match us physically for the 70 mins. We are a totally different team from the one that played them last year but they were miles ahead of us. The one thing that we as supporters can do is everyone go to the game and cheer the lads on. Hopefully we are in the contest with 5 mins to go and that famous leitrim roar will get us across the line.

Champotime18 (Leitrim) - Posts: 166 - 05/02/2019 12:14:56    2162723


Only two games in but being a Leitrim supporter is enjoyable again.

Players taking on their man and having the confidence to go for scores instead of passing on the responsibilities to others is a great watch. Don't get me wrong we're still packing the defence at times but the players seem to be buying into the game plan and it's only early days yet.
We need to stop giving away so many frees we've got away with it so far but some team will punish us if we don't improve at this aspect.
Worrying our lack of options in the defence especially in the full back line. James Rooney is a good player but he had to come on as a cover for Corner back and he definitely is not comfortable there but we have no other options.

Mark Plunkett got caught out for the Wicklows goal but for a player playing in a pivitol position that he's not familiar with he is more than exceeding expectations.
I though Sean McWeeney was exceptional on Sunday his positional sense and work rate was an example to everyone else on the team.

Losing McGovern is going to mean a shake up in the forward unit. As a previous poster stated Terry seems to like Sweeney so he might start with him in the corner and put Moran at Full Forward if he is fit.

We do need to start better as this will be the most pressurized game any Leitrim player will have played in in years so getting our confidence up early will be key.

One thing I have found strange is Domhnail Flynn continuing to kick frees? He doesn't even kick them for his club?

Wonder have any of our other injuries cleared up yet? McTague Madden etc? Or is Mulligan going to get a look in?
Really looking forward to Sunday. The week off after will also give us a time to recoup-orate and finish the second block of games out.

Leitrim1234 (Leitrim) - Posts: 241 - 05/02/2019 13:05:06    2162739


With Dean McGovern being out according to some posters here I expect Sweeney to start with Damien Moran playing inside.

Champotime18 (Leitrim) - Posts: 166 - 06/02/2019 10:42:35    2162927


Latest odds on promotion race in Div 4

Derry 1/10
Leitrim 4/7
Limerick 5/2
Wexford 10/3

I had yet to meet a poor bookmaker...........

We are in a great position after two rounds no doubt and you would think confidence is really high within the camp. it was so impressive how we ground it out on Sunday in Aughrim. So often in the past it was us who were on the receiving end of letting a lead slip late on. Two huge wins for us against genuine promotion contenders. Teams in this league will be beaten down in Aughrim and both Limerick and Wexford have to travel there yet.

Another big test for us Sunday no doubt and Antrim will bring lots of physicality as you would expect with any Ulster side. By all accounts they were very very negative against Wexford at the weekend (even when Wexford went down to 14 men). I think we will have enough to pick them off if they come out with a negative style of play and for that reason I think we will come out on top with 3 or 4 points to spare. A lot of folk seem to be thinking Antrim will come to Carrick gunning for us and will be looking to send out a message after two defeats and maybe they will however they may also (and are more likely) come to Carrick extremely low on confidence and fearing the worst. Confidence and momentum are both huge in any sport and we currently have both.

I am not getting ahead of myself and i know we have lots of work still to do but i am just calling it how i see it. We will have bigger tests than this Sunday i believe.

juande_ramos (Leitrim) - Posts: 40 - 06/02/2019 13:34:37    2162975


I agree, confidence and momentum are huge to have within a young side and it's not often we have it..
I actually think after a tight 25 minutes we may pull away and win well Sunday. I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself I think limerick and Derry are our two biggest challengers for the top two places. Home advantage is huge in the league which is why last weekend was such a big victory. Unlike other years we have about 10 lads on the pitch capable of scoring from play, I would like to see our bench being used sooner I think if we can fit mulligan in the starting 15 I think it will be worth 3/4 points extra a game. I'd say Carrick will be buzzing Sunday hopefully we get a good day and another two points!!

harleys (Leitrim) - Posts: 285 - 06/02/2019 23:40:36    2163112


We don't want to sound like the Irish rugby crowd now, they were convinced they were the best in the world and talking about World Cups a year away until England humbled them.
We got out of Aughrim by the skin of our teeth! Promotion was nearly toast with 69 minutes on the clock.
Last years score in case we forget: Antrim 0-15 - 0-05 Leitrim. This will be a dogfight.
Home advantage and a good scoring team we have yes but Antrim may bring more than a lot bargain for.

Grey_Wolf (Leitrim) - Posts: 226 - 07/02/2019 15:09:09    2163232


Replying To Grey_Wolf:  "We don't want to sound like the Irish rugby crowd now, they were convinced they were the best in the world and talking about World Cups a year away until England humbled them.
We got out of Aughrim by the skin of our teeth! Promotion was nearly toast with 69 minutes on the clock.
Last years score in case we forget: Antrim 0-15 - 0-05 Leitrim. This will be a dogfight.
Home advantage and a good scoring team we have yes but Antrim may bring more than a lot bargain for."
Speak for yourself. No one on those pages is sounding like Irish rugby fans in my opinion. Antrim will be tough we all know that.

Buzzcagney62 (Leitrim) - Posts: 124 - 07/02/2019 21:20:32    2163325