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No I am not having a laugh. What you say is true but did we unearth any new talent this league campaign. All the lads that you mentioned are good lads but were there before this year. Carrabine is good but not fit for a starting role in London. Ross and Charlie are well in their 30ies. Adrian Marren likewise and it don't look like Pat Hughes is going to regain the fitness and form of a few years ago.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 578 - 26/03/2018 18:50:27    2088430


The first half was similar to the Offaly game. A much improved performance in the second half. I thought Eoin McHugh made a big difference when he came on at half time. We have struggled to score goals all season. Thankfully we produced 3 of them to get us out of jail. Paddy O'Connor's goal was as good as I've seen in a long time. I'd still be very wary of the trip to London. At least we're still in Division 3 for another season anyway.

SligoCody (Sligo) - Posts: 68 - 28/03/2018 13:56:35    2089040