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same as any Westmeath underage team for the last 5 years with the two Doyles on it
they are expected to carry the team and various managers don't bother with other tactics
the difference in conditioning between the two panels was scary. we're years, if not a decade behind. Also the organisation along the line and around the field.

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1499 - 16/06/2018 08:46:58    2112040


The u21 panel in full were only together 5 times in total as a full unit, several times training was cancelled by management at the last hour and several times it was only organised the evening before giving less than 24 hours notice to players most of which are away in college or working, now if that wasn't bad enough the manager was away on holidays for the 1st round game against Dublin just let that sink in, fixture's for this championship were out early February the same manager is a selector for the senior setup and has missed the last 2 championship games here , Antrim and Carlow now I also must add that another selector was also absent for the Carlow game and the strength and conditioning coach who does the match day warm ups also, all off these people including the u 21 manager are not doing these jobs voluntary , something that must be added at this juncture is we have a minor hurling manager that can't take up his duties on the sideline on match day because he is an inter county referee rules state this plus he was also reffing on the same day as one of the minor games and wasn't even in the ground, Who appointed these people ?????? go back 12 months and we had our u21 management and panel beating Meath and Laois for the first time and almost causing another upset against Kilkenny in 12 months, massive preparation and training sessions went into those 2 panels plus several challenge games against Munster teams of which Westmeath more than held there own, the Doyle's are fantastic players but in both those campaign's under the old management the scoring was shared and the panel played very well together, last week if the Doyle's were not playing we would not have scored because they did all the scoring now let's look at the senior setup again Killian Doyle is not on the senior panel because he is heading state side he scored 1-07 v Dublin that's a potential 1-07 that we are missing in croke park on July 1st. James Goonery was deployed as a sweeper in front of the full back our fastest forward with most threat to the Dublin goal was played in front of his own goal it didn't work either as Burke the full forward proved, fiacra heeney started in the corner forward position but was used until he pulled up injured ( which happened in the warm up ) as a third midfielder, we persisted with a puckout that only reached halfway to Mitchell all day and the simple fact was it never worked Dublin just batted it down all day and swept up the breaks , a sure sign of a team not fit is not breaking at least even in the breaking ball something we clearly were not doing our halfback line which should be your strongest in a hurling game were destroyed in that second half Dublin had over 20 wides including frees we scored 3 points in the second half . Our midfield were too small against a very big dubs midfield , Maher and Egerton are long term injury's and we would probably have pushed on had those 2 been playing when we were on top but they were rushed back too soon and both broke down again surely both players and this game should have been made a priority and made sure they were ready for this game. Joe Rabbitt played with a broken hand and another sub who had played in recent challenge games did not turn up even though he was in the 26 on the programme. This is the same panel that beat Wexford in minor championship they should be in the semi final now getting ready to face that Wexford team again and by all accounts it's a weakened Wexford team the dubs now face.

rogerdodger (Westmeath) - Posts: 212 - 16/06/2018 15:19:21    2112116