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Replying To Darragh:  "I am not a referee myself but if we as an association want to encourage people to volunteer to become referees then we are going about things the wrong way. It's very easy to criticise from the comfort of a keyboard but if you feel very strongly about it I would encourage you to look into getting into reffing so you can help to be part of the solution"
I played and managed within and outside the county and I have even umpired on a couple of occasions so I have seen all angles of the game. It's the inconsistency of decisions that kills me now as a manager and that's what riles players and supporters as well. I have no interest in refereeing but when guys do go on to take it up all I want is for them to be fair and if they want respect they should also be aware that it is a 2 way street.

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Replying To ilovemyjob:  "Did'nt mean to have Cap-Lock on so apologies on that. The referees I'm talking about are mostly the top referees in both hurling and football. Look at their attitude when they come back to referee in club games!!! And I am including James McGrath in this. He referees like a school-teacher and treats managers and players alike. They cannot be questioned. I also could(but wont) name others that referee the same."
You mean he implements the rules and stops players who are not following rules?

What's the issue.

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Replying To valley84:  "You mean he implements the rules and stops players who are not following rules?

What's the issue."
No issue with them implementing rules as long as they are implemented fairly and consistently. Consistently good or bad I understand once both teams are treated the same way. Have to say it doesn't always happen. I don't think I am alone thinking this way. But at the end of the day it's only my opinion and I'm not asking for agreement from anyone.

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Read somewhere lately that 10 years ago only 7% of kids in Limerick City played hurling. Following introduction of their development plan it's now 57%. They saw the threat from rugby and took it on.

While in Westmeath we've two towns of 20,000+ people with no urban gaa development plan or dedicated gaa coaches

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