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Smaller Clubs Vanishing

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I know we all want the big success on the national stage such as intercounty and club. I know it is important to keep us club wise as strong as possible but are we putting our smaller teams to the sword by the way our league rules are. I was at a division 5 game where kilmore had 6 starters from the team that won the county final the previous year is it time to make the bigger clubs name more than 15 players to help the smaller single teams club compete. We have already lost Ronans as a club and I can see it only going one way for afew other clubs in Roscommon.

We all want success for this county me more than anyone but are we forgetting the true meaning of the Gaa Community Family pride of place. There could be afew rule changes to help the smaller clubs compete and if they are competing it will bring in more players which will ensure there survival.

Anyone have any opinions on this?
Are Roscommon going to let more clubs vanished that are steeped in history.

Tarismelting22 (Roscommon) - 29/11/2017 09:09:55    2063961