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Cork fans and the Confederate flag.

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there has been a lot of debate in the media about Cork and the Confederacy. I always thought that Cork fans flew this Southern flag because of the "Rebel" idea. Rebel county use Rebel flag type of thing. The use of it within Croke park will probably stop imo, but personally I think it is a bit political correct to stop the use. (coming from Galway supporter)

galwayford (Galway) - Posts: 1287 - 20/08/2017 17:31:48    2035619


I have seen many American Southern rock bands use it. Lynard Sknyard, Matchbox and Tom Petty among them. It is associated with Elvis Presley too.

galwayford (Galway) - Posts: 1287 - 20/08/2017 19:11:34    2035679