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Yeah heard it myself as well and it is true. In fairness any manager has to draw the line somewhere. Not much point in lads putting their lives on hold and working very hard for two lads to step out of line. Think the player in question will be a big loss to Sligo but was on thin ice from discipline last year as well. The other player is also on thin ice at the moment, managers have to show players that no matter who they are if they break the rules they are punished.

On Sunday 's game- good win and just important that we got the two points. Monaghan game will be a huge game as if we can something out of that game it will be a great result. Was a lot happier with team selection as it looked more balance and we had players in the forwards that can score.

Looking forward to the game and lovely ground to play in, only downside is the distance.

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 13/02/2013 11:35:07    1333268


Cant believe there is sympathy for Coen. He doesnt seem to learn. He got dropped last year.... remember.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 708 - 15/02/2013 18:51:30    1334676


any chance of promotion

royalflyer (Meath) - Posts: 36 - 21/02/2013 17:02:19    1337416


Absolutely no chance of promotion

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 708 - 22/02/2013 19:35:58    1338079


No chance? sure only Fermanagh are on full points.

The_analyser (Roscommon) - Posts: 2688 - 25/02/2013 17:19:58    1339029


Sligo must pick up points here or they will be looking over their shoulders

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2772 - 28/02/2013 11:08:49    1340208


Could very well be in Div4 next year and in the qualifiers for this years championship via 1st round exit in London, if the recent proformances from this team are anything to go by

Benbulben (Sligo) - Posts: 298 - 03/03/2013 15:46:26    1341681


Sligo very bad today ... Do we need a new manager..???

castlefeth (Sligo) - Posts: 79 - 03/03/2013 16:34:15    1341740


We should have got a new manager at end of last year but the Co board obviously felt that Walsh was the man so we should respect that decision. Walsh hasnt been helped by having to take disciplinary action against some players so its not all managers fault. Last thing we need is people looking for a scapegoat cos results are poor. I have said it earlier we will struggle to stay in this division but mid may through the league is not the time to look for a new manager. If we win our 2 home games we will be fine.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 708 - 04/03/2013 12:07:42    1342302


Pity that county team are performing so poorly at moment,on curent form we would not beat too many sides in division 4.

TheStigmeister (Sligo) - Posts: 84 - 04/03/2013 12:10:14    1342306


Only a few years ago Sligo was ranked the 6th or 7th ranked team in Connaught. While they are in D3 and somewhat struggling, one has got to remember only Leitrim and London are below them. Leitrim while in D4 with limited resources have made tremendous advances.
Sligo must try and catch Roscommon who are almost on a par with them at the moment. I'd say if Sligo do not make a promotion push, Walsh will not hang around.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2772 - 04/03/2013 12:50:12    1342345


County: Sligo
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The County Board didn't ratify Kevin Walsh until the end of October which was far to late imo. This was down to politics within the County Board. Our County Board has no contact whatsoever with our Manager and it has been this way for the last 12 months. If the committee elected at the AGM had gone according to plan, KW would have got his papers at the end of the FBD. This is fact. This is where we are at and these are the men who are running GAA in Sligo and until this changes we are going backwards as a team.

Benbulben (Sligo) - Posts: 298 - 04/03/2013 15:02:23    1342481


Rubbish.... Convention only took place in Jan and at that stage we we flying in F.B.D so he was never gonna be replaced. Whenever Walsh is replaced there wont be a queue lookin for the job.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 708 - 04/03/2013 15:32:00    1342515


It was nothing to do with the FBD, as i said this decision was made long before but the convention didn't go as planned. Your missing my point, if the positions had turned out differently they were willing to change the manager in February and what good wound that do for Sligo football. This is a fact not an opinion

Benbulben (Sligo) - Posts: 298 - 04/03/2013 15:45:55    1342537


This team would handily beat the team that was put out against Monaghan but for differing reasons are not currently on the squad. Have left out corner backs as cant think of better alternatives.

Cadden. Injured

Maguire. Dropped

Davey retired
B Egan. On squad
McGovern injured
Taylor. Injured
O Hara. Dropped
Costello. Emigrated
David Maye ?
Colm Egan ?
Kelly. Injured
Coen Dropped
McGee ?

Anto (Sligo) - Posts: 270 - 05/03/2013 09:03:52    1342952


Anto...... An extremely poor team you picked there and Maguire wasnt dropped. He retired..... No idea where Maye went to.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 708 - 05/03/2013 10:13:45    1342990


Maguire was dropped initially after he couldn't commit to training in Nov/Dec similar to O'Hara. He has since retired as Walsh hasn't backed down meanwhile allowing Kilcullen and Greens rejoin the panel without that 2 months training.

Is that team any worse than what was put out last Sunday? Don't think so

Anto (Sligo) - Posts: 270 - 05/03/2013 11:02:48    1343038


Colm Egan? Come around to yourself Anto! Maye is off to the US this summer.

Terrible feeling around the county team. Walsh should've walked. He's lost the plot imo. We'll be kicked out the gate in Ruislip or carrick.

republican (Sligo) - Posts: 262 - 05/03/2013 11:20:24    1343065


Always easy option to blame the management and in fairness players have to stand up as well but I agree that i have lost faith in Walsh. Big game this weekend and if we lose it will be Div 4. I have been at all the games this year and was in Clones on Sunday. It was the first time i heard fans giving abuse to this management team. When Walsh took us over we were in Divison 4 in the League and it looks like after 5 years in charge he will have us back in Division 4 and lost 2 connacht finals - strange fact.

Hard to belive that Sligo lost to Kerry by a point in a game we should have won and they went on to win the all ireland. Remember our first league game v Donegal where we were 7 points up at half time and they cam back to draw - they have since went on to win all ireland. Not saying we are ever going win an ireland but why can they not improve? Not all the management fault but at the end of the day, they train the team, select the team and manage the team. Fair enough if we don't have the players i will hold my hand up but not too many players missing from the last few years.

I was reading that McGeeney has used 22 players this year for Kildare in the league and Fitmaurice has used 29 players. How many players have we used? I would say less than 18-19 which is a complete joke. If i was a player on the Sligo panel and did not get a chance to play and seen some of the performances that players have and are putting in every week, i would be inclined to go back to my club.

I have heard from the terrace some of the instructions management are shouting on to players , which are crazy and laughable for an intercounty footballer. If you have to shout on to the pitch to an Inter county player to block opposition runs or to work harder, track back, quicker ball, in my eyes this should come second nature to a county player and if not should not be in there. When you look at some of the top managers, Harte, McGeeney, Galvin, Horan - watch them this weekend compared to our lads. No shouting and roaring from them lads.

Anyways, my rant is over and just I am very very frustrated and maybe I am taking it out on Managment but I will be in Sligo on Sunday shouting home the lads in a cruical game.

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 08/03/2013 13:20:26    1345353


I Was in town this morning and was talking to some of the locals in there and they were talking about Sligo GAA and Sligo Rovers and heard a rumor that the Sligo Rovers manager could be interested in Stephen Coen and could be heading for a trial with Sligo Rovers now that Kevin Walsh does not want young Coen because of a disciplinary reason. I think this would be a huge loss to Sligo GAA if this happens, we have no good corner forwards coming through the ranks and the two we had playing there the other day, they are not the answer. He left Sligo Rovers to play Gaelic and i think if this happens I don't see him returning, we know Coen played for the Irish team when he was younger and also played for Sligo Rovers before and is a an exceptional soccer player, I seen him playing many times and more than likely would walk into the Rovers team and I see people writing on the Rovers page asking why don't they get him in. I think its about time Walsh asked the young lad back in before we lose him forever.

harps2588 (Sligo) - Posts: 79 - 09/03/2013 14:09:01    1345854