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Div 3 Odds


Meath 11/8
Monaghan 5/2
Roscommon 13/2
Sligo 15/2
Cavan 10/1
Antrim 11/1
Wicklow 20/1
Fermanagh 22/1


Wicklow 4/6
Cavan 15/8
Antrim 2/1
Sligo 9/4
Roscommon 3/1
Monaghan 9/1
Meath 18/1

First game away to Roscommon
Any thoughts

Benbulben (Sligo) - Posts: 298 - 30/01/2013 16:19:54    1325874


if we cannot beat Roscommon without the St Brigids players - long year ahead of us. I thought the team looked in good shape in some of the FBD league games and know that they put in a tough pre season, we have a lot of tough away games with Meath, Rossies, Monaghan. If we get 2 points on Sunday - great start but hard place to go for 2 points.

In regards to thge FBD final, the hungrier team won and could not believe the amount of ball we had. Players will probably hold their hands up to last Sunday, but i also hope the mangement do as well as thought some of their tactics, team selection and players moved into certain postions and also players introduced left a lot to be desired. Fair play to Leitrim, congrats on the win and they had their home work done and in my eyes won the battle on the pitch and on the line.

I have said this before and will say it again - time to give some of the new lads on the panel. If they are not up to that level - end of story and time to move on. At least we would then know where we stand as a team and if we need to get players back like Eamon, Noel, Johnny Davey and Colm McGee.

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 30/01/2013 17:09:35    1325898


30/01/2013 17:09:35
County: Sligo
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if we cannot beat Roscommon without the St Brigids players - long year ahead of us.

Sligo aren't playing from a full deck either and 10 points is normally enough to get out of this league.

ispeakwisdom (Roscommon) - Posts: 2350 - 01/02/2013 18:27:34    1326914


What I saw in the fbd suggests that there are some good new players on the panel but they have still not found their feet with the team. In the backs, midfield an forwards there are new bodies and you can see they are not used to each other. I predict a slow start to the league but the new team to gel as the season goes on and good performances against the better teams in the league. Also it was obvious the players had been putting a lot of stamina in the legs in per season, we were not sharp and weak on the ground, what you would expect this time of the year. Not worried about Leitrim in the cc as I think they have got a bit ahead of themselves condition wise for the time of year.

TimtheEnchanter (Sligo) - Posts: 309 - 01/02/2013 21:34:44    1327033


Meath and Monaghan in the final with Meath winning it. Wicklow and Fermanagh to get relegated.

OLLIE (Louth) - Posts: 12224 - 02/02/2013 13:53:50    1327152


Best of luck to Sligo today

Benbulben (Sligo) - Posts: 298 - 03/02/2013 14:19:43    1327488


Was in the Hyde yesterday and was a poor peformance from Sligo. I honestly don't know what to say as writing this reply this morning, I am a very confused fan. firstly, It was a harsh penalty to give away from Philip Greene but in fairness i thought he did charge out with the ball, not to often you see penalty's given but that was not Sligo's downfall. We were under a lot of pressure in midfield and Finneran for the Rossies got his hands on a lot of ball. In the first half Coen and Marren looked lively and Marren was the only one who could score for us. Thank god we have signed up James Kilcullen as we badly need a midfielder.
Is it just me or does anyone watching Sligo be very confused at some of the switches by the lads on the line, thought last they were poor in the FBD final but yesterday was just worse. I will go into this in more detail later ! Just interested to see what other people thought of yesterday or was i watching a different game to Sligo management?

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 04/02/2013 10:31:37    1328032


What is it with Sligo's mentality. In 2011, they beat Galway and Mayo to reach the Connaught Final. Lost to Roscommon. Never really recovered until this year. Beat Galway to reach the FBD final. With victory on a plate, they flopped again and are now carrying the hangover into the league. Losing to Roscommon yesterday will not help with any momentum.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2772 - 04/02/2013 11:08:40    1328067


What was the team yesterday? Was Adrian Marren the only one from Curry playing? That doesnt make much sense to me seen as they are county champions.

republican (Sligo) - Posts: 262 - 04/02/2013 13:28:22    1328223


Oldharps: Which players are you referring to re lack of pride, heads going down? In fairness to the players, down through the years the pride and never give up attitude has got us through against sometimes stronger opposition or when chips were down. If this is creeping in we are in trouble.

Informed Nail (None) - Posts: 79 - 04/02/2013 14:07:44    1328275


i have been saying since day one, give the new players on the team a chance and if they are not up to it move on. After the FBD final, Sweeney, Brian Egan and James Clarke were dropped. They bring on James Clarke with a min to go - do you honestly think any player can change a game with a min to go on a wet day in February? Would not totally agree that they had no pride but they looked to have no idea what they were doing an no plan. Going around in circles holding the ball and then kicking it away or losing it in the tackle. I have been at every Sligo game this year in the FBD league and also in the Hyde and enough is enough if we don't have a few big changes on Sunday V Antrim i wont be standing there again. Support for Sligo at the last two games have been very poor. Why not throw in Murphy from Coolera, Gormley from Bunninadden , McDonnell from Casteleconnor, Egan from Tourlestrane and Clarke from Pats.

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 04/02/2013 15:01:51    1328336


It was a shocking inept display and even results from the other games in the division even at this early stage did us no favours. I thought it was just a continuation of the woeful fbd final and the last meaningful match against Kildare last summer. To see keelan cawley in a one on one with the ross keeper actually turn his back on goal and eventually overcarry was shocking. A simple fisted point would have us drawn level and only for the dubious penalty we would have gone in level at half time. Are we gone so defensive that when there is a scoring opportunity we are afraid of our sh*te to go for it. We were cleaned at midfield and for those who say the manager does not try new players that was a total new pairing from kildare match last year or Connaught final either. Also gone are Mc Govern Maye and Costello. I have no idea how we can get out of this mess. Last year Hughes and Mc Manus were like a breath of fresh air this year they seem cloned to get the ball and pass it back again and again and again. I just think we are not good enough......

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 728 - 04/02/2013 16:06:47    1328409


Two priceless points gained in what will be a dogfight for survival[forget about promotion] the only place we will be going is staying put.Already Wicklow look doomed so we might be able to hold on this year. First half yesterday we looked good apart from some silly turnovers {Div 3 } but when Antrim upped the ante in the second half Sligo crumbled completely around the middle diamond and only for a good display by the fullback line and woeful shot selection by the Antrim forwards the game would be lost Play like that in Pairc Tailteann and we will be whipped out the gate.For all the training both mental and physical Sligo just can't cope with intensity or play with it.The start of the second half yesterday was the perfect opportunity to put in practice all the ''team talk aspirations'' and we just melted away like a snowman in the sahara.

Maggiepie (Sligo) - Posts: 209 - 11/02/2013 09:10:32    1331814


I heard Stephen Coen picked up a bad injury in training last week and that it might rule him out for a while. Any news or update on this? If thats the case, pressure now on Marren to produce the scoring goods as severe lack of scoring forwards.

Benny_Blanco (Sligo) - Posts: 38 - 12/02/2013 12:21:49    1332584


We will struggle to stay in this division. Cant see us winning any away match and it may come down to scoring differences and we will struggle there. Story is that Coen is not injured---------Surprised he hasnt taken to twitter if he was injured he is good at that his tweets made the Indo when Paidi O Se died...

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 728 - 12/02/2013 13:04:24    1332625


Good 2 points at the weekend but very disappointed in the second halves performance. They had two goal chances that were saved and had a few wides also with them down to 13 men they were still all over us. We were very lucky to come away with the 2 points in the end. I dont think Murphy is the answer, Was very disappointed in his performance could not win any ball inside even when he was out in-front he fumbled it or gave it away, Its ok having good performances against college teams but when it comes to the big stuff he needs to gives us more but he is young yet i have no doubt he will come good in a year or 2.

harps2588 (Sligo) - Posts: 79 - 12/02/2013 14:56:47    1332747


Give Murphy time, hopefully he'll come good. The future is the young fellas and we need to give them a chance. From what I saw on Sunday we were under pressure in da middle third again we need to sort it out if we're to stay up. Eoinog if coen wasnt injured was he dropped?

Benny_Blanco (Sligo) - Posts: 38 - 12/02/2013 17:07:52    1332935


Rumour has we'll have to plan without Coen for the rest of the year. He was dropped for disciplinary reasons I believe.

republican (Sligo) - Posts: 262 - 12/02/2013 17:38:18    1332969


Ya I also heard that at the game on Sunday about Coen. Bit Harsh but I wonder will it come back to bite them in the foot because we have no 1 to score and did ye see the bench on Sunday, nobody to come on and change a game, Hope Adrian stays fit for the year or sligo football will be in division 4 next year and wont beat Leitrim and maybe not even London. James Kilcullen is a big help around the middle but I still would bring back O hara also so we have options on the bench.

harps2588 (Sligo) - Posts: 79 - 12/02/2013 18:45:49    1333028


I Heard at club training last night that the rumour surrounding Coen is certainly true. I think its a bit harsh on the young lad. We have a serious lack of fire power up front now. Very worrying times for sligo football and people just because we bet Antrim at the weekend dont be getting ahead of yourselves, Antrim were terrible.

harps2588 (Sligo) - Posts: 79 - 13/02/2013 10:48:28    1333216