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Ex Sligohurler if your referring to Quinn last yr, most people thought he did very well at chb last yr. Im not hyping anyone up, if you play well you play well, and i certainly dont just give credit to St Molaise Gaels players either if you read my whole post, i gave marren moftm a Curry man.

Youll be glad to know i intend to stop posting on forums once the nfl starts, im too close to players, coaches etc, and with no anonmity nothing to gain from being on here only negativity and lack of trust. Its in my best interests.

Up Sligo.

Sligonian (Sligo) - Posts: 1506 - 25/01/2011 13:24:47    853343



Informed Nail (None) - Posts: 79 - 25/01/2011 15:04:08    853453


Hope you're not serious Sligonian?

Despite some of the **** taking that goes on from certain posters, I geniuely look forward to your honest views and comments. And your right Quinn is a cert for chb in the nfl.

Interesting team onthehill 10 - not too much change from last year! Not sure if thats a good thing or not!!!

Eagle30 (Sligo) - Posts: 6 - 25/01/2011 17:06:11    853557


this is a independent forum, you have the right to praise or criticise county matters. you have been close to the sligo team and coaches for a long time and it has not stopped you posting on this forum. there is absolutly no reason whatsoever why you should stop posting here.

john.no1 (Sligo) - Posts: 456 - 25/01/2011 18:04:35    853635


Sligonian, will you relax, your comments on this site are always heartfelt and whether one agrees or disagrees with your views or opinions, they are always entertaining and informative! You attend every match at all grades which is more than be said for a lot of us who rely a lot on hearsay and some extremely dull media reports.


P.S. On the Mark Quinn debate, will the armchair experts, please inform us, who is better?????

myleft (Sligo) - Posts: 41 - 27/01/2011 12:31:48    854817


interesting comments there lads, sligonian if i can start with you........... doesnt make sence at all u saying you not posting on here anymore but its ure choise i often stop posting at times so cant really complain but i would suggest you maybe post regarding the club leagues? maybe expand your football knowldge further than the county set-up, would be interesting to hear you views on the clubs rather than the county.

on the fbd league it was pretty poor but as the panel were obviously doing alot of the heavy training that needs to be done this time of year it would have been a major shock had we done well, playing against nuig was not as bad as appears by looking at the score line and remember the colleges are getting ready for there cmapionship so there level of fitness and more importantly there sharpness would be higher than the county panels.

not sure how the league line-ups will go but we seem to have found a few options in the back line, davey being most peoples choice for full back will be interesting to see how he develops.... lotta debate there on sligonians club mate mark quinn at centre half back not really sure about the lad to be honest he is a good footballer and has power and pace my issue with him is he roams forward too much and follows his man too much which leaves a big hole in the centre of our defence the problem is he is more than likely the best option there as who eles could you put there? for what its worth i hope he fills the position well and with eamon dropping back it should help him oout alot.

mid-field is still the issue though and i really dont see any allternatives comeing through so it will be again up to the half forwards and half backs to help them out by winning the hard ball around that sector, harrison at wing back is a huge plus and he is way better in that position than corner back where his lack of defencive skills is a drawback. costelloe will be again at wing forward imo he is the best we have there. marren will start in the full forward line with kelly and A.N. other not sure cant see coan and kelly both starting there very similar players not sure hopw it will work.

overall alot to be optimistic about however lets be realistic lads staying up will be a huge task and if they can it will be a massive achievment by all concerned and will give us a big boost for championship best aof luck to all involved anyway

rich dublin (None) - Posts: 425 - 02/02/2011 14:01:21    858690


Here goes with my first post in a few months! Was at the three FBD games and overall was impressed with the set-up in terms of giving every player worth his salt a run regardless of their club. I wasn't overly impressed with the performances and I refrained from posting as it's quite dangerous this time of year, egg on face can happen later on! Very worried about our midfield or lack of it I should say. Gilmartin looked the best Sligo midfielder for NUIG I have to say, but we'll know where we stand in a few weeks time and if Tony doesn't improve and get stuck in or else someone else shows up, we'll be destroyed in the middle third. Also the FB position is not solved especially with McGuire injured, which may be a good thing in terms of developing a new FB. None of the three lads who were played at 3 done much wrong and hopefully one of them steps up to the mark. Otherwise Donovan or Kennedy will have to go there. Ewing looks to be in flying form and I expect him to cement a position in the backs somewhere possibly at CHB where he was by a mile the best intermediate player last year. Brian Curran was impressive at wing forward as was Pat Hughes who I thought was the best of the new recruits. Alan Taafe should have been played against NUIG instead of the likes of Sean Davey but he'll get another chance and he will be a more than apt replacement for McGee this year. The wing-back from Calry O'Boyle looks a good prospect too. What was most encouraging is O'Haras fitness, he looks sharper and better than last year and was excellent against NUIG on the forty. Marren & Breheny linked brilliantly against NUIG and both look in good shape. It's a big step up to play the likes of Tyrone, Derry & Kildare but I think if we can sort out FB & MF we'll more than hold our own. The team I'd like to see out:
Greene, Harrison, Kennedy, Donovan, Ewing, Quinn, McGovern, Gilmartin, Taylor, Costelloe, O'Hara, Cawley, Hughes, Kelly, Breheny, Marren, Kelly. Excellent depth in the forward options with Coen, Sweeney, Maye, Curran, F Quinn, Taaffe etc As for the backs Rooney & Davey; Brendan Egan, E McHugh & K Cawley for HBs, etc. Not sure about MF however. Probably left a few out...
On another note I hope the county board puts a bit of effort into advertising & promoting the league games.They should go to the schools and give out free tickets for all kids and reduce the prices for adults. Remember the next 12 months will see the interest in Rovers bigger than ever before (and best of luck to them) and the county board must be seen to promote the GAA team and get the kids interested. I remember it was the big league games of the mid-90s against the likes of Dublin & Derry that got me supporting the county team.

sligobhoy (Sligo) - Posts: 80 - 02/02/2011 15:16:37    858751


not a bad team sligobohy cept for the fact you have 17 strating players? love the way you over looked cawley at wing back... one of the best and most consistant players for us last year and is playing very good football for the i.t this year... id go...

bluewaffle (Sligo) - Posts: 61 - 02/02/2011 18:33:00    858940


sligobhoy back on site as well after close season. another technical point kids get in for free a natiional league games, only finals and championship do they have to pay.

shaneanthony (Sligo) - Posts: 277 - 02/02/2011 20:32:44    859086


Shaneanthony, I'm aware they get in free but what I meant is that it should be promoted better, if "Free Tickets" were given out in the schools it would get the kids going home nagging the parents who would then have to bring them! A few billboards or posters with a picture of O'Hara or Harrison around the county and the date of the next game wouldn't go astray either. The GAA have always taken crowds for granted but not anymore in the current economic climate. Its only for 4 games! Sorry Blue waffle, I put in Cawley thinking of Geevaghs Pat Cawley instead of Hughes and never deleted and obviously I put Kelly down twice! As regards Cawley I agree with you, a great bit of stuff but i'd give McGovern game time to see can he get back to his best.

sligobhoy (Sligo) - Posts: 80 - 03/02/2011 08:09:24    859186


I reckon team for Saturday nite will be - Greene, Harrison, Davey, Donovan, McGovern, Quinn, Cawley, Taylor, Gilmartin, Costello, O'Hara, Quinn, Breheny, Maye & Kelly. With Marren and Coen v unlucky not to make forwards. Egan is injured i think. V soild looking defence. People may be worried about Davey at FB, best young prospect we have so lets see what hes made off v possibly the best FF in the country. 2 experienced corner backs either side of him to help him too. Would be worried about mid-field, need Taylor and Gilmartin to at least break even, if they dont our backs will be under serious pressure. Plenty of scores in our FF line. As regards Sligobhoy's comments, a few points i wouldnt agree with. O'Boyle was average v Galway, Taffe done ok v IT

onthehill10 (Sligo) - Posts: 18 - 03/02/2011 09:10:46    859206


......O'Boyle was average v Galway and Taffe did ok v IT but imo neither are good enough to be thrown in the team for NFL, be lucky to make squad of 26. Big difference between FBD and NFL! And whilst Ewing is a quailty club centre half back there's no way you could play him there for Sligo, far too small. I think his best position is wing back but wont be played there, again cos of his size. Oh and I beleive McHugh is dropped from league squad too. Anybody hear who was dropped, kept etc.
Finally best of luck to the team saturday, hope we get of to a winning start

onthehill10 (Sligo) - Posts: 18 - 03/02/2011 09:15:06    859209


onthehill dont rely agree with that now in fairness, taffe played well against sligo i.t got 1 or 2 nice scores, o boyle i taught did well against galway showed no fear started off nervously but grew with confidence as the game went on... i think both showed they deserve their chance and ya need to start bringing these new players in giving them experience

bluewaffle (Sligo) - Posts: 61 - 05/02/2011 12:16:42    860844