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Where do we go from here.?

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they were beaten by a very good athy team that were in turn beaten by what could be the all ireland champs, so you don't believe that there is anything that can improve our senior team so? what do you think of the tactics gameplan we use at the minute? donegal would be limited in ability so their manager made them hard to beat and they got to an all ireland semi, now im not saying we would but surely with the right tactics and plan we could get out of div 4

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1272 - 21/03/2012 18:23:41    1134331


barrowsider they were mauled by athy and we have been in div.4 for yonkes so if we have good footballers why are we in this deadwood of a division

longrun (Carlow) - Posts: 99 - 21/03/2012 18:31:46    1134342


Longrun, are you on the wind up here or something? Yet to see you make an actual decent point.

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 21/03/2012 18:39:30    1134349


i speak the truth amigo if it is hard to take ,tough

longrun (Carlow) - Posts: 99 - 21/03/2012 19:04:14    1134375


maybe old leighlin didn't really have the ambition to go further, i don't know, in 2010 st mullins were beaten by the wicklow champs does that mean carlow has bad hurlers?

as for the length of time we are in div 4 well we were there when we had clubs winning leinster titles too. i believe we are still in this division because we lack men with good footballing knowledge managing our team, i think the current team with the right manager would get promoted

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1272 - 21/03/2012 19:11:36    1134388


pat roe,paul bealin, john kearns, liam hayes, cyril hughes, bobby millar[rip], paddy morrisey, luke dempsey and others it is all their fault we are still in div.4 it has nothing to do with not having players good enough to get out of it. i wonder is it the posters on here who dont understand football me thinks it is

longrun (Carlow) - Posts: 99 - 21/03/2012 20:20:16    1134442


oh regards the hurling we had a senior team with 8 intercounty hurlers playing in an intermediate grade hardly worth blowing trumpets over

longrun (Carlow) - Posts: 99 - 21/03/2012 20:25:32    1134447


pat roe had two seasons we won the o'byrne cup had a few wins in the league beat wicklow and lost to kildare by 4 points we came close to a major upset that day, beat waterford in the qualifiers before going out to a fine sligo team, his second year started great with that win in the o'byrne cup if memory serves me we lost a few players after that and started the league poorly but improved as the year went on, we were beaten by westmeath in portlaoise by 7 points i think and then went out to laois in the qualifier a week after sadly losing andrew corden, i think if the board had backed roe that time he would have brought us on but that was not the case

bobby miller had 4 seasons more or less won an all ireland b came close to beating laois and louth in 95 and 97 won two games in 96 sfc against wicklow and wexford before getting trounced by meath, he was a good manager but with eire og going well they were in and out of the panel which meant other players were been dropped if eire og lads turned up if not they played, i think this had a very negative effect on players committing to the county

cyril hughes two seasons again did ok in the league one year where we went to the final day with a big chance of been promoted, we were the first game to have the yellow and red card sysytem used on and got 4 players sent of because the ref didn't understand the rule, his second year didn't go well and we were beaten by wicklow wexford and longford in the sfc

dempsey is in his 4th year we have won one sfc match, we have made no progress in the league we have done nothing to sort out our backline, we insist on pushing our half backline to far up the field which leaves our full backline exposed this has cost us countless games that we could have won like the leitrim and clare game this year, the antrim game last year the wicklow game in the sfc the year before the list goes on and on

kearns was only there for a couple of months as was shorthall paddy morrissey didn't last much longer either mickser condon did a season and a half and bealin did one season

as for people knowing nothing about football on here, im far from an expert but i know this, the way we are set up now it makes it easier for teams to create goal chances on us and makes it harder for us to create goal chances

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1272 - 21/03/2012 21:14:26    1134501


barrowsider in your second last post you told us that we hadnt got men manageing the team who were good enough that is why we are still in div4 then you come along name the managers and how good they were, your tying yourself up in knots but your after giving me a right good laugh

longrun (Carlow) - Posts: 99 - 21/03/2012 21:43:50    1134530


Roe had a very impressive first year when many of the better players to hand didnt go in. The second year was a bit of a let down, I remeber seeing him in the bar after the Westmeath game and I dont think I ever saw a man as disapointed. He was an excellent trainer who the players clearly responded to and a very bright and decent man on top.

Hughes in my opinion was also quite good. We lost the final league game down in New Ross which we were expected and tipped to win. He was dreadfully unlucky in the Barrett debacle against Westmeath when he correctly described us as guinepigs for rfs to practice on. We'd a hell of a good team that year before the back door second chance existed. He had us playing really good football to watch also. I've always thought that that that day set us back no end. Westmeath progressed and we did the opposite. Came close enough to beating them despite all the sendings off

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 460 - 21/03/2012 21:59:54    1134551


Theres no doubt that part or all of some posts here make a lot of sense like Passer_by's his last post in particular, I couldn't agree more, Pat Roe brought a type of confidence with him when he took over, and so did Cyril Hughes, they created their own bit of Buzz around the place.I was at that particular game with Westmeath of which I was sickened and gutted with the fall out from that defeat, theres no doubt about it but we were Guiney pigs as that was the day the new card system was introduced we were used to put it to the test we were promised the sun moon and stars after we protested, a rematch was promised which never happened, it was all brushed under the carpet and to use that very dismissive phrase "we move on" at that time the "Back Door" was opened, it brought with it a few short term small success stories, but it done a lot of damage as well in particular to County's like Carlow, so in my view at that point that's where Carlow football died, we never got over that shambles and I don't think we will for a long, long time.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 1991 - 22/03/2012 10:51:54    1134655


westmeath had players sent off that day aswel, all this hard done by stuff is all trying to push the blame somewhere else as usual westmeath were hammered in their next game so it is all irelevant. anyway best of luck to luke and his back room team on sunday if he can get us a win it will be another fantastic achievement from the boss, nearly got us promoted last year and we won our first game in the championship in 6 yrs. keep up the good work.

longrun (Carlow) - Posts: 99 - 22/03/2012 11:28:43    1134679


I see Gerry Fitzpatrick, the trainer for the hurlers, is fulsome in his praise for the application and fitness levels of the players. I wonder what his opinion of the footballers would be if he had a look at them?

Bosco (Carlow) - Posts: 664 - 22/03/2012 11:33:55    1134685


hole yoke is a bit of a shambles really,players not going in,players that do go in not getting games and then their made scape goats out of for lack of commimtment,i don't no what the soloution would be or who to blame,maybe its a collective thing but i suppose the book stops with dempsey as he's the manager

hangup (Carlow) - Posts: 46 - 22/03/2012 11:54:34    1134703


I think this is the most apt of all threads to use to make a point or two or to bring home where we are at in terms of Inter county senior football. Well in case some may have missed it the word is we finished third place from the bottom on six points, London finished second from the bottom on three points, and Kilkenny rock bottom on zero points, very little difference if any between us. There's two positives to be taken from our game with Limerick, (1) we scored a goal, and the other is we have all our games played, ie we are finished.(Literally)
It's time to pull the plug, and walk away from senior football, and we do have options, like, support our hurlers, promote hurling in the county, concentrate on developing club football, and bring similar success to the clubs something like Eire Og did and push for at least a leinster club title. And finally, revert back to playing Inter county Junior football. According to reports to day in the Indo. Our best spell was between the 17th and the 20th minute in the game against Limerick yesterday, imagain that three glorious minutes of football out of a total of seventy, however we did manage the finish the game with our usual return of 12pts (1-09). Championship time is just here, and St. Luke is going to perform miracles by transforming our players into an all conquering team that's going to put a stop to either Wicklow or Meath the 10th of june, is all this for real.
May be I'm taking it too serious, after all it is only an amateur sport played by amateurs, so why should they ( the players) stress themselves simply to entertain the public and others, it's not as if they are getting paid for it, others might be but not the players. I thing it's time I had another look at things my self to rid my self of this stress, after all, you never hear of county board officials being stressed at the state of Carlow football, ------ so why should I.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 1991 - 16/04/2012 12:00:51    1152957


It is wrong to talk about pulling out. You've got to stick at it and work even harder next year. Look at Wicklow. Promoted for the first time in 30 years. They achieved that by working hard.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2767 - 16/04/2012 13:18:39    1153062


It is wrong to talk about pulling out. You've got to stick at it and work even harder next year. Look at Wicklow. Promoted for the first time in 30 years. They achieved that by working hard.
Jack L , 16/04/2012 at 13:18

Jack L you forgot to mention micko.. who laid the foundations for promotion - wicklow belivee that they can beat anyone after their various championship scalps over last few years. Carlow co board rejected the possibility of micko coming to carlow. ............ thats the difference!

fullbach (Carlow) - Posts: 243 - 16/04/2012 14:01:36    1153106


I don't think any player plays to entertain the crowd. They play because they want to, the crowd just turn up to watch.

I think pulling out is a ridiculous idea. As Jack L said, look at Wicklow and what they have done this year. Look at Longford, Louth and others of a similar size to us and they can do it. Rather than dropping out, we need to go to those counties and ask them what did they do to be successful.

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 16/04/2012 14:08:26    1153122


st john we already know what they had which was a decent management team in place

dcarlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 150 - 16/04/2012 14:35:50    1153158


were you in limerick supersub

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1272 - 16/04/2012 15:00:34    1153191