Carlow - Footballers 2017

Replying To dead_as_dodos:  "Please Bainisteoir let's not go the hype route. We have beaten 1 div.3/4 team in champ. Wait until we beat somebody of note before you start on about best prepared team in history. I hope you're proven right but stall the ball awhile ."
Dead as ... No hype, this is the best prepared Carlow side period, however this is against a mediocre at best historic baseline and is relative to the level of effort other county teams have been putting in for years so don't be jumping the gun and reading things into my comments . I am certainly realistic about next Saturday and we are likely to bluntly see the gulf in standards between the top table and those that dine off scraps. Last week we beat a team probably around our standard but given we seem to have finally got our act together on and off the field was no more that was to be expected

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