Carlow - Carlow Senior Hurling 2017

2 very good games last Sunday that shows that hurling is in a good place in Carlow. Both games were tight and could of went either way. I Thought the last 20 minutes of St Mullins/Rangers was unreal. The passion and honesty of all the players was brilliant and hurling was the real winner. Rangers were just able to keep to nosing ahead and some of the scores were a joy to watch. Here's hoping for a great final

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I tought first match was poor and second only got going late on. Chris Nolan was fantastic tho. What an exciting prospect

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2 enjoyable competitive games on Sunday. I thought the standard of the second game as expected was a lot higher. Would be a bit fearful of a very one sided co final, MLR look hungry again and the couple of young stars they have now have livened up the whole thing. Chris Nolan and McDonald have come of age as seniors and overall MLR will win final easily enough.

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Very high quality semi's on Sunday last with both games having very exciting finishes. The first game lacked a little intensity but Balinkillen had their chances and could have gotten another goal. They did not score enough with the breeze in the first half, the breeze also strengthened in the second half and the length of the Naomh Eon puck outs proved crucial. Some Balinkillen players did not play up to standard either. Fair dues to Myshall who kept plugging away- kept their concentration and got their just rewards late in the game. Foley's strike proving the key to the win- and all form the really long puck out.
The second game was a much more intense match and when the rubbish of the first half was gone and the players tried to win the game - then we had a really high class game. All players put in a might shift and the MLR subs swung the game late on. What a second half we saw with Mullins getting incredible scores from play and mouse getting very difficult scores from frees and Rangers scoring excellent scores too. Nolan and Ted Joyce played really well late on n the game. A great advertisement for the game in Carlow. Well done to all teams and really great exciting finishes made it a great day to be in NCP.

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Easy win for MLR yesterday, played some fantastic hurling in the first half and were always in complete control. They seem to take it easy in the second half and had the luxury of emptying the bench. They seemed to have their swagger back and hopefully they'll give Leinster a good rattle again

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MLR looked the part yet again on Sunday, but especially in the semi final v St Mullins which to be honest was the real final.
Chris Nolan continues to amaze, he looks an incredible talent for his age and will hopefully be a star for Carlow & MLR for many years.

Camross away I think it is 1st up, then winners play Offaly or Westmeath champions in sf. It's a very favourable draw compared to last time MLR won Leinster. The talent is there, the hunger is back, plus a vital ingredient of youth has been injected since then.
I fancy MLR to get to another Leinster final.

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MLR are back in the Leinster championship and will be difficult to beat on Nov 5th - but St Mullins were very worthy champions for the past few years and they struggled to make a significant impact in Leinster. Leinster is very hard to win.

The fact that Rangers are now a known package will make it harder for them in one way but the experience of their Leinster winning campaign can also be a plus for them.
Leinster is getting harder to win. Clubs are now fully focussed on making the very best of their chance in trying to win Leinster. It is going to be very difficult to replicate the Leinster winning campaign.
I would hope that the wise heads of Rangers take it as one game and that's the first one - Camross in O'Moore Park will be very very difficult. Their Laois record is supreme. They have a lot of excellent players and Laois hurling is on average a little better so - yes - Rangers have a chance but I think its no better than 50/50.

Rangers were no doubt the clear winners on Sunday but Myshall gave hem a good battle. Their inability to finish the few goal chances that came their way proved decisive as did the Rangers ability to finish their chances. Rangers and Mullins was a terrific match where they went toe to toe and Rangers sneaked ahead with their subs proving the difference.
Rangers have new players and their input will be vital but so will the experience of Frank Foley and the Caody's.

I think all hurling supporters are looking forward to Nov 5th.

Good to see the Carlow manager there at the semi's and final too.

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