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Can we have dual players?

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I've heard that Mark Brennan, Conor Lawlor and Sean Murphy have committed to both codes this year and that John-Michael Nolan is doing the same after he's finished playing rugby. Can it be done or are they just going to end up sitting on the bench for both because they miss half of the training for either team. For me it all comes down to the managers to work together. Carlow is not a big county so if there are players who are good enough to play both we should start to accommodate these players. There are a lot more players not mentioned above that could play dual, that are currently only playing hurling.

townman10 (Carlow) - Posts: 40 - 08/01/2014 14:04:03    1528970


yes we can, players from other counties have done it with a successful outcome, so why not carlow???
totally agree that managers and selectors are going to have to communicate and work together letting each other know how these players are training and soforth.. hopefully what you're saying is through as i think it would ounly be a positive for us to have these players playing in both codes for us

culchie86 (Carlow) - Posts: 34 - 08/01/2014 14:33:01    1528987


My heart says wouldnt that be great. My head says absolutely not! Its crazy enough for one code now the way it is with demands on players. We cant hardly manage it at minor level. Spoke to one chap today and he told me hes out 6 times this week with panels. I think those that do it will suffer more from a hurling view point as it needs constant work on skills to keep upto speed. Those lads mentioned are all v good but i d agree that they might be caught between 2 stools. I see it at club level where lads are with 1 county panel, and that they are unable to play a lot with a club as a result. So how can the hope to juggle 2 county panels? I think it all should be managable but sadly the whole scene is gone craxy in my view. I think the whole savage training regime at the top (in general not confined to our own county) that has trickled down to clubs is killing our games. Its the msin reason we are loosing lads to other games. Young lads like jack hobbs as mentioned tofay having to have hip ops and a yr off. Others like conor mcgrath of clare and kks richie doyle having hips shaved etc. Crazy crazy crazy!

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2609 - 08/01/2014 18:31:26    1529158


It's hard to know how a player can give good service to 2 codes. I think the county is small enough that we have some players who could play both codes but at what price?

And in my opinion hurling would suffer too for those who would be tempted to,play both. Hurling needs regular skill work and fast reflex style coaching whereas football is a different game and requires greater stamina and power.

As for those mentioned in first post, all good lads but it would be very very hard for lads to do justice to the,selves and its likely that they could fall between two stools. I know others did it in the past but its a different story now.

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1510 - 08/01/2014 21:52:26    1529302