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Anyone able to confirm the current story on the injury list??????? Our half back line is sorely missing Paul Cashin, I thought he was out with his cruciate but some one said previously he is playing club at the mo, will he be back for championship? Whats the story with Kieran Nolan any sign of him back yet either? What about Cormac Mullins and John Murphy are their cruciates gone again?

THE BOSS (Carlow) - Posts: 475 - 06/04/2012 11:43:24    1144829


Paul cashin is out after going off injured during an Eire Og game - think its cruciate but not sure. Cormac Mullins, cruciate, John Murphy , not sure of his injury, ed finnegan gone to work in London.

I think if some of the 'starting 15' were to sit in the stand and actually watch Carlow play they might actually see what we are talking about! As for what the captain said, well if you look back on any of his interviews he says much the same thing every time - I don't know if it's down to Luke thinking starting to infiltrate the players mindset or whether he actually believes it. It will be a tough game on Sunday - tougher for Fermanagh as they are within touching distance of being promoted - which they would have been had they beaten limerick last week so they will very determined to get over the line this weekend.

dual supporter (Carlow) - Posts: 772 - 06/04/2012 12:11:42    1144847


From what i hear, Cormac Mullins tore his cruciate again so will be gone for a year. John Murphy also tore his cruciate again so likewise him. Kieran Nolan had some sort surgery on his eye a few months back but im sure he must be close to returning. I also heard Ed Finnegan is going to London not sure how true this is. Paul Cashin did limp off against Tinryland but hear he is back training, eire og are playing rathvilly tonight so that should bring more light on that situation.(is he still on the panel or did he drop off?)
We have the guts of a very good team in Carlow but the reality of it all is our back line is just not good enough and without the injured players we just cant compete with bigger teams. Are there any other backs around the county Luke could look at bringing in?

carlowstime (Carlow) - Posts: 27 - 06/04/2012 14:02:56    1144941


Does anyone think one or two new lads could be called up?I know it might not be far on some other lads but with them few injuries,any back up we have looks fairly thin on the ground.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1090 - 06/04/2012 14:51:09    1144980


Who is the carlow captain this year or has it been announced yet?? john murphy has done his crutiate

carlow4ever (Carlow) - Posts: 81 - 06/04/2012 17:26:50    1145124


Think its Shane Redmond as far as i know.

carlowstime (Carlow) - Posts: 27 - 06/04/2012 17:42:09    1145134