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How will matches go tonight in Down League, Letrim away to Ballycran and clonduff away to portaferry.

Banner (None) - Posts: 65 - 04/06/2008 10:27:26    27831


Think Liatroim Ballycran will be tight. The recent Premier League final match will help Liatroim but its never easy to go to Ballycran and get a win. With C Mc Gourity missing I think Liatroim to win by a few points.
Clonduff missing a few players but should have enough to see off Portaferry.
What does anyone else think?

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 04/06/2008 11:53:23    27882


any predictions for this week? Liatroim playing the Ports and Clonduff away to Ballycran?

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 09/06/2008 23:01:42    30290


Letrim v Ports is off, Ballycran v clonduff hard to call, Clonduff missing a few players. draw Maybe

Banner (None) - Posts: 65 - 11/06/2008 15:37:33    31385


Championship time next week, big match between Letrim and Clonduff who will win?
Ballycran Should be able to beat Ballea

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