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Well the Ulster Premier League is well under way and already a few shocks. Rossa beaten by POrtglenone! Is it the end of an era maybe? Liatriom have been surpassed by Clonduff in Down. Maybe it's time for a new champion in Antrim???

Any predictions for the winner this year? Clonduff or Loughgiel in the other section maybe to meet Rossa/POrtglenone in the final?

What do you think?

ard macha abu (Armagh) - Posts: 7 - 25/04/2008 09:43:59    11688


Ulster league close to call, Section A is still to play for, though depends how rossa get on against ballycran on wednesday night.
Portglenone doing well, still a few tough matches left.

Section B, Clonduff and Loughgeil probaly

Banner (None) - Posts: 65 - 28/04/2008 16:42:03    12921


Keady beat conduff last night which makes it all very interesting if Clonduff beat Loughgiel.
has anyone heard any other results??

ard macha abu (Armagh) - Posts: 7 - 01/05/2008 09:50:35    14212


Crans were hammered by rossa, ports hammered by Dunloy. Letrim match was off

Banner (None) - Posts: 65 - 01/05/2008 14:09:32    14399


who did lougheil play last night? what was result?

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 01/05/2008 19:50:14    14602


who will win tonite> Lavey should beat portaferry but ports always put up a good fight, Castledawson v ballycran close to call, crans possibly to shade it just.
Rossa to beat Swatragh.

Banner (None) - Posts: 65 - 07/05/2008 14:52:41    16137


Good Luck to Liatroim against Rossa tonight, the whole of county is behind you!!!!!

CWAS (None) - Posts: 60 - 14/05/2008 09:23:37    18755


I don't think it's just County Down that would love to see Liatriom win lol

ard macha abu (Armagh) - Posts: 7 - 14/05/2008 10:47:53    18805


Letrim beat Rossa last night by 5 points.

Banner (None) - Posts: 65 - 15/05/2008 10:24:26    19195


Would be interesting to get peoples opinions on Ulsters Councils preparation and approach to yesterday's Gael Linn. Going as senior defending champions it was very disappointing that a team was thrown together and met for the first time before going out to defend their title.
Fair play to the players who gave the commitment to go and did see that being asked to play for your province is one of the highest honours in anyones playing career.

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 19/05/2008 17:17:11    20896


Didn't Ulster win the Gael Linn senior title back last September/October or so?
You'd have to ask why the competition is on some 7 months later - is it not smack in the middle of exam time?

Miss Camogie (Carlow) - Posts: 2 - 19/05/2008 22:50:42    21006


Yes it was very disappointing to see no preparations for the games although alot of preparation had been put into securing sponsorship for the teams and as a result the Ulster teams were well kitted out. It's just a pity the teams weren't better prepared. The date for the Gael Linn has been known since the start of the year so no excuses there. All the players who came out to represent Ulster should be commended.

johnnymurphy (Antrim) - Posts: 5 - 20/05/2008 11:41:04    21138


Fully agree with you John, it was fantastic to see the girls turned out so well, this sponsorship wouldn't have been easily secured. However to me this should only be secondary-it would be more important to get management in place early and a squad together a few weeks before hand.
in terms of the timing of the compeition its going to be hard to please everyone- some people weren't happy with it in November due to clash with club championships and states of pitches.

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 20/05/2008 18:49:47    21413


Anyone going to call a winner for the Ulster Premier League final next Friday night. Which ever way it goes it will be good to see a new name on the cup

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 23/05/2008 17:17:53    23038


Hi camogieabu,

I think it will defo go the way of loughgiel, we have been doing tremendous work here in Antrim and I feel that we will be sharper and fitter that Liatriom who have been struggling. Any thoughts yourself?

CWAS (None) - Posts: 60 - 24/05/2008 18:58:07    23174


I wouldn't see it defo going the Antrim sides way, but they will maybe shade it- You can never write off a team like Liatroim.

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 25/05/2008 18:34:55    23268