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Good luck to Lavey tomorrow!

ard macha abu (Armagh) - Posts: 7 - 31/10/2008 11:32:27    130690


Harps 1-10 Lavey 1-8
Kilmayley 4-11 Four Roads 0-6

Donovan Rossa 3-18 Ballyboden 0-6
Drom Inch 1-8 Athenry 0-10

HurlyBurly (Dublin) - Posts: 10 - 01/11/2008 18:58:39    131537


Sunday November 16th

Junior Final
Harps v Kilmaley (in Nenagh, 2.30pm)

Senior Final
Drom & Inch v O'Donovan Rossa (in Ashbourne, Meath)

HurlyBurly (Dublin) - Posts: 10 - 10/11/2008 15:19:03    137660


O'Donovan Rossa 2-15 Drom and Inch 1-12

Harps 1-11 Kilmaley 3-2

Congratulations to both Donovan Rossa and Harps and particularly to their two inspirational captains, Jane Adams and Louise Mahony, two of the best camogie players in the country.

HurlyBurly (Dublin) - Posts: 10 - 17/11/2008 11:15:49    142733


Well done to Harps yesterday on winning three in a row. Experience, skill and great determination won on the day. Great game and well done to all involved.

Camogiegal (Laois) - Posts: 3 - 17/11/2008 14:03:40    142985


well done to harps will they go senior now?

___ (Waterford) - Posts: 7 - 26/11/2008 18:28:09    150726


Camogie In Britian - "Our future in our hands" on 27th June 2009 Camden Irish Centre Murray Street London 12 pm to 4 pm.
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Representation from Ladies Gaelic Football and British GAA and the men's game is warmly welcomed at "Our future in our hands" Recent research by London Camogie Development Committee supports men and women involved in Gaelic Games working closer together to achieve increased funding and provide more support for Gaelic Games and Camogie in Britain.

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Saturday 27th June 12 pm - 4 pm Our Future in our hands - Camogie in Britain

London Camogie Development Committee

HeddCelticCamog (UK) - Posts: 34 - 23/05/2009 22:56:49    291927


Just wondering, I'm not from the county so not sure, but with Harps having won 3 in a row - have they opted for the Senior club championship this year? Ulster Final will be between keady and Lavey

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 08/09/2009 20:19:46    419772


No. They are Junior again. It wasn't up to them, County Board decide on what grade to enter prior to knowing who wins County title.
Just so happens they won again.

Don't worry, they're not as strong this year, apparently they lost a good few players.

HurlyBurly (Dublin) - Posts: 10 - 22/09/2009 14:07:49    433148


I'm aware of what your saying about each county choosing what grade to enter and of the timing ie before we know who each provincial winner is. However once these are submitted Croke Park they must be verified by them surely. For a county to win 3 All Ireland club titles in a row the level of camogie in general there must be good and I just dont see how is fair that after winning for 3 years Laois are then allowed to re enter the Junior club championship - even though we aren't certain that the same club will win again

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 24/09/2009 17:52:17    435577


Croke Park or any other central body don't care. It's the county board who decide. The club involved have no say in the matter.

The whole Junior/Senior thing in camogie is a bit stupid anyway. It should be one club competition for all county winners.

HurlyBurly (Dublin) - Posts: 10 - 25/09/2009 15:30:08    436503


Congrats to Harps on winning 4th Leinster title in a row who beat St Laurences of Celbridge by 1-16 to 3-7. Great game to watch and great play from both teams.

Camogiegal (Laois) - Posts: 3 - 13/10/2009 14:07:56    452992


Sorry in last post should have said St Laurences - Old Grange, Kildare ( who beat Celbridge in the Kildare club final)

Camogiegal (Laois) - Posts: 3 - 13/10/2009 21:29:41    453578