Antrim - Antrim minors vs Monaghan

Could anyone suggest a team that will be starting in Clones?

simmarian12 (Antrim) - Posts:9 - 13/03/2012 11:48:10   1128385


mccrea, orawr, mcgreevy, quigg, dudley, johnston, scullion or fitzpatrick, mcccaffery, gallagher, fitzpatrick/scullion, mcallesse, hannigan/conor mccann, johnston, cummings, doherty/Rmccann

inoall (Antrim) - Posts:28 - 24/03/2012 17:11:44   1136125


ps dont hold me to that, im just going on the st.marys CBS matches, the ballymena matches, the county final, Ulster and a few other matches in the league i watched! Some names on the panel i dont recognise so im unsure about them but they're just the players i have watched and thought they were impressive! Think mcalesse is some talent, one to look out for in the future!!!!!!!!!!

inoall (Antrim) - Posts:28 - 24/03/2012 17:36:54   1136133


Mcgrea/ Hughes, orawe, gorman/mcgreevy, quigg, mccafferty, johnston, fitzpatrick, cummings, gallagher, scullion, mcallesse, johnston, doherty, flemming, mcaleer

Uppasaffs (Antrim) - Posts:5 - 25/03/2012 17:59:37   1136696


McCrea. O'raw Gorman Quigg. Fitzpatrick Hannigan Scullion. McCafferty Cummins. C.McCann Lappin McAlese. Doherty Gallagher McAleer. thats the starting team off today that beat fermanagh 4-13 1-12

judas (Antrim) - Posts:9 - 05/05/2012 17:07:47   1166435


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