CPA survey: "A watershed statistic for GAA"

August 21, 2017

The Club Players Association have released results of a survey that should make the powers-that-be in Croke Park sit up and take notice of the club fixtures crisis.

The recent survey conducted by the Club Players Association amongst its members reveals that 60% of clubs players have considered walking away from club games due to a lack of a definitive fixture calender. 

95% of those that replied also believe that the CPA should escalate its response to demonstrate to the GAA that the club player is dissatisfied with their response to the unfairness of the system to the plight of the club player.

The vast majority (99%) want club fixtures placed on the agenda at the upcoming Special Congress in September while club players are not willing to wait until 2020 for change to happen to the current club fixture situation.

Check out the survey and its findings in full here...

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