LiveTracker - 20 May 2018

Ulster SFC quarter-final
Tyrone 1-16 Monaghan 1-18, Healy Park - FT

Leinster SHC round 2
Kilkenny 2-19 Offaly 1-13, Nowlan Park - FT
Wexford 0-22 Dublin 2-14, Innovate Wexford Park - FT

Munster SHC round 1
Limerick 1-23 Tipperary 2-14, Gaelic Grounds - FT
Cork 2-23 Clare 1-21, Pairc Ui Chaoimh - FT

Joe McDonagh Cup round 3
Kerry 0-15 Westmeath 2-12, Tralee - FT

Christy Ring Cup round 2
London 1-21 Down 2-20, Ruislip - FT


That's it for the day, I'm so hungry I'm getting weak here. See ye all next week.


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 1-16 Monaghan 1-18 FT

Tyrone get a consolation goal right at the death, but it's Monaghan who progress.


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 0-16 Monaghan 1-18

Three minutes of injury time to go and Monaghan go five points clear. And yes, it was McManus who scored.


Red card for Tyrone's Peter Harte.


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 0-16 Monaghan 1-17

McManus with a brilliant point from play, that should be enough. Put the knife and fork on the table, I'm coming honey..


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 0-16 Monaghan 1-16

I can smell the roast beef dinner. Beggan adds another and Monagh lead by three. Five minutes of injury time.


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 0-16 Monaghan 1-15

Colin Walshe adds another for Monaghan..


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 0-16 Monaghan 1-14

We're not done yet lads as McManus points a free in the 67th minute.


Well, Mickey, it's working at the moment..


Mickey Harte's half time team talk was probably something along the lines of play for the draw lads and sicken the live tracker team!!


Tyrone were four down at one stage in the second half.


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 0-16 Monaghan 1-13

McAliskey (Who is fast becoming my least favourite person at the moment) sends over the equaliser.


Tyrone have the chance of an equaliser, but Hugh Pat McGeary's effort is wide of the target.


Conal McCann comes on for Ronan O'Neill on the Tyrone team.


Any money this will go to extra time. Two weekends in a row and we'll get caught here late. Someone get the violin out...


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 0-15 Monaghan 1-13

McAliskey again for Tyrone and there's just a point between them, ten minutes to go.


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 0-14 Monaghan 1-13

The sides exchange score with Dessie Mone scoring a beauty for Monaghan, while Michael McKernan pulls one back for Tyrone.


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 0-13 Monaghan 1-12

A fourth point from the impressive Beggan.


Niall Sludden was the man to get Tyrone's last score.


Ulster SFC: Tyrone 0-13 Monaghan 1-11

Tyrone dominating at the minute, the gap is down to a point.

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