No Programmes?

May 19, 2017

This piece is not having a cut at any individual but rather pointing out a lack of correspondence with the paying customer at Meath championship games.

Not a sign of a programme in Navan on Wednesday night for the Dunboyne - Dunshaughlin opening round clash. Ditto again on Thurday for the Donaghmore - Rathkenny game. Dunboyne and Dunshaughlin had their teams called out over the tannoy five minutes before throw in while the substitutes were also announced after arriving on the field of play. But is this good enough?

No tannoy or programme in Athboy last night as Kells and Tones fought out an interesting clash in front of a big crowd who were left to figure out the various Whose Who's for themselves. Displayed also at the admission gate into Fr O Growney Park was a sign asking for OAP'S and students to pay eight euros. Are we remembering our pensioners or at the other end of the scale encouraging our young to attend? 

It is 2017 and if the punters are charged ten euro to attend an event they expect not alone decent enough fare but also relevant player data from both camps. This and proper toilet facilities are paramount.

At the Dunboyne - Dunshaughlin game much of the conversation went along these lines '' Who is that number six for Dunboyne'' or is that Paddy Dwyer's son playing for Dunshaughlin'' etc etc. Let the people know and make attending our games a nicer place to be.

Not saying that programmes can be produced for every championship game. And I know that clubs can be most unhelpful at times. But we are only talking about a sheet of paper, free sheeters, listing the two teams with their substitutes and backroom team. Something that can be easily and quickly assembed with modern technology.

A big crowd expected in Navan tonight for the clash of the 2016 senior and intermediate champions. Dont expect a programme, don't expect much of an improvement. The horse has probably bolted as far as round one is concerned. But maybe, maybe we could have a combined, not left to one or two people, County Board effort to improve this grey area as the championship develops. - JL.

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