B FL Div 5: Dunsany back on track

May 16, 2017

Dunsany's Shane Walsh

Dunsany 5-17 Donaghmore /Ashbourne 1-6

Dunsany returned to winning ways in Division 5 of the B leagues with a comprehensive victory over Donaghmore/Ashbourne.

Played on bright warm sunny evening in Dunsany, the visitors we're first of the mark with 2 quick points. Dunsany then responded with a Goal from Christopher Smyth who palmed the ball to the net after excellent work from Gary Leddy. David Boyle then added a sweetly struck 45 as Andrew Duffy and Shane Walsh added points. The visitors were awarded a penalty after Dunsany 'Keeper Cian O'Neill was adjusted to have fouled the Donaghmore attacker. The penalty was dispatched with minimal fuss. Ger O'Neill added a point while Boyle again dispatched another 45 before the break.

After the break the home side hit the ground running and hit over 5 unanswered points from Smyth, O'Neill, Duffy, Eoin Harkin and Danny Thynne. Dunsany were starting to play some nice football and continued when Leddy then Palmed the ball over the 'Kepers head for Dunsanys 2 nd goal. O'Neill then added a point before two quick-fire goals . One from Shane Walsh whos intial shot had been saved but he recovered the rebound to score. The other was from wing back Conor Harkin who shot to the top corner of the net after some good support play. Walsh and boyle added further points.

The home side emptied the bench and the returning Niall Thynne added two points either side of a Eoin Harkin goal and a Niall Brennan point.

The Dunsany defence was also excellent on the night and dealt with the Ashbourne threat with minimal fuss during the 2nd half and kept the Moores to 2 points.

Dunsany- C O'Neil; G Kilbane, E Ferguson, R Donnelly; C Harkin (1-0) K McNamara, C O'Donnell; E Harkin (1-1) A Duffy (0-2); D Thynne (0-1) G O'Neil (0-3) S Walsh (1-3, 2fs); D Boyle (0-3, 2 45's) G Leddy (1-0) C Smyth (1-1). Subs, D Maguire for Smyth, N Brennan (0-1) for Leddy, N Thynne (0-2 1f) for Walsh, D Brennan for G O'Neil, R Montague for D Thynne, J Brady for Boyle

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