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Laois v Down

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So ladies and gents what do ya make of this draw then?

Have to say was certainly impressed with Down's supremacy on Saturday ... great to see!!

Just better not get complacent now this saturday night ... but I think this game is definately for the taking.

Down to win by 7 points.

On another note, it would be interesting to note what the general consensus in every other county with regards to how they view Down football. Would you tar it with the same brush as typical Ulster football?

Unfortunately the only televised game was against Armagh ... and therer is only one way that game was going to be played. Just a pity the Down v Tyrone replay wasn't televised, such a gem!!

Down Exile (Down) - Posts: 214 - 22/07/2008 13:45:16    53835


Well ye are certainly favourites.

These are two teams with good talent - I hate to sound biased but we probably have the better individual players overall. However, we are unmotivated, uninspired, mis-managed and havent performed properly for 10 minutes so far this season. Our players look lethargic and our fans are responding in kind with a serious lack of buzz in the county which is eating away at our chances on Saturday. Ye on the other hand looked from day one against Tyrone that ye were ready to battle and ye wont give up yer championship run lightly. In fact ye should nearly be playin Sunday and ye know it. Yer motivation and pride should carry ye through on Sat.

I would point out that our only hope is that with a home draw the crowd will get behind the team and theyl respond with a new pep in their step and pull something out of the bag. To do that though were going to need the right team which is young, vibrant but still has some of our dogged experienced players like Kelly, Higgins and McCormack. We can do it if this comes together but that is unlikely and I can see ye winnin it!!

spudenator (Laois) - Posts: 1052 - 22/07/2008 14:27:44    53888


Overall Down have performed very well in this championship and on current form should beat Laois. However I reckon there's a big performance in Laois yet to be seen and the home draw to bring that out. 3/4 points to Laois.

derfil1 (Kildare) - Posts: 1610 - 22/07/2008 14:33:07    53898


I also think there is a big performance in Laois, if this game was in Newry I would say Down by 3 or 4 points, but Portlaoise is a diffrent story and with Kingston on fire I will say Laois by 2.

Willie Nelson (None) - Posts: 972 - 22/07/2008 14:57:44    53940


Shouting for Laois...can see why Down would be considered favourites, theyve being playing great stuff all year. Laois have quality in there side though and are due a big game. The home advantage will hopefully inspire and motivate them. C'mon Laois, Leinster needs ye to win this!!!

Jack Daniels (Westmeath) - Posts: 152 - 22/07/2008 15:03:15    53951


Down Exile,you are well above everything else in Ulster,wee buns to yourselves.

sean og (Armagh) - Posts: 978 - 22/07/2008 15:07:31    53963


We beat Tyrone in Portlaoise a when everyone wrote us off after being hammered by Dublin, don't write us off yet

laoistownie (Laois) - Posts: 409 - 22/07/2008 16:37:37    54116


I posted this Laois team (with some dramatic choices) on Laois Boards. What do the rest of ye think??

M Nolan

P McMahon M Timmons J Higgins

D Rooney T Kelly P OLeary

J OLoughlin P Clancy

R Munnelly C Og Greene B McCormack

MJ Tierney B Quigley D Kingston

With a bit of fire in their bellys I think they could win...

spudenator (Laois) - Posts: 1052 - 22/07/2008 17:15:49    54188


greene hasn't featured at all this season, has he? only ever seen him play underage and can't imagine him playing anywhere other than midfield.

depointswilcome (Westmeath) - Posts: 125 - 22/07/2008 17:32:10    54209


Cathal Og Greene been on the panel all year, going really well in training and has been scoring in challenge matches. Hes big and tall but hes mobile aswell and can take scores. Might be just the type of hard-workin debutant that we need on Saturday. In that position though ya would expect him to drop back like a 3rd midfielder a good but.

spudenator (Laois) - Posts: 1052 - 22/07/2008 17:41:11    54219


Should be a good game. Laois have great style to their football..but not a lot has been shown so far. Im guessing 2/3 point win 2 Laois.

Gigidy_Gu (Fermanagh) - Posts: 14 - 22/07/2008 17:47:56    54223


I really do not like that fact that people are now 'expecting' Down to beat Laois on Sunday. Every time a big performance has been anticipated from this Down team, it has just gone over the top and things have gone down **** creek.

We have done well this year, no doubt about that. It has been some time since we have been able to compete with Armagh and Tyrone, but we have done exactly that this year. Admittedly, they have gone back a bit, but so have Kerry, so it just means everyone else is closer together.

Laois, from what i have seen, have definitely gone backwards this year. A few years ago i thought they were a genuine team, capable of mixing it at the top end. If that team played on Saturday, they would beat Down. However, like armagh, Tyrone and Kerry, Laois have gone backwards, and are now within the middle tier teams which includes Down.

The game itself will be an open affair. Two dubious defences and two teams with a mentality to attack attack attack. It really will be which forwards can take their scores on the day. Would love it if we could do it and we definitely have a chance.

RedAdmiral (None) - Posts: 85 - 23/07/2008 10:58:56    54587


Expect Down to pull this one off. They're on a upward curve while Laois seem to be on downward.

babser (Monaghan) - Posts: 103 - 23/07/2008 12:32:53    54706


The game itself will be an open affair. Two dubious defences and two teams with a mentality to attack attack attack. It really will be which forwards can take their scores on the day. Would love it if we could do it and we definitely have a chance.

Yes that's a fair assessment I agree.

chainsaw (Laois) - Posts: 712 - 23/07/2008 12:44:04    54720


something is erking at me inside about Laois on this one,now I may be wrong but I think Laois have some very good players and are due a performance from them at some stage.Think this weekend might be it.I'll go for Laois

footiemad (Westmeath) - Posts: 733 - 23/07/2008 13:15:36    54760


Red Admiral: where you at the down armagh game? how can you say we competed, we were beat easy and were devoid of ideas when plan a failed.

wolfe tone (None) - Posts: 121 - 23/07/2008 14:54:26    54904


This is what you're looking for Dessie15!!

Down Exile (Down) - Posts: 214 - 24/07/2008 15:08:04    55958


Any news on Ambi?

The Gael (Down) - Posts: 115 - 25/07/2008 13:14:15    56768


Hey guys, just herd that Ros Munly and MJ Teerny are droped for the kwallyfire game agenst Down on Satirdey nite. Anyone know what they story is or what hapined?

Dee (Laois) - Posts: 311 - 25/07/2008 14:16:53    56848



quality stuff dee

TheTownEnd (Laois) - Posts: 34 - 25/07/2008 14:45:07    56894