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Leinster minor football final.

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Best of Luck to our boys in the final. Offally are rightly be clear favourites and it will be a tough match for us. Hopefully we can pull through. Longford GAA is on a fire.

Hanley2 (Longford) - 06/07/2010 15:07:31    698246


I have nothing but respect for Offaly GAA. They have one All-Irelands in both codes which is remarkable for their playing size. However, Longford have an even smaller playing pool. It is great that they are in a Leinster final. I hope that they can go on to win it. Best of luck to both teams though.

bennybunny (Cork) - 06/07/2010 15:30:42    698316


longford have recovered from a first round hammering from offaly(22 points!!) to reach the final. They have taken down wexford, carlow, westmeath and kildare since! They are clear underdogs but have a great chance. Their defence and midfield are their strong points and given the right ball their forwards will score

flame09 (Longford) - 06/07/2010 15:49:19    698355


Good to see 4 different counties involved in the Leinster finals Goodluck to all involved.

fortyfive (Tyrone) - 06/07/2010 15:53:16    698363


Best of luck to Longford. As I said on the "who are you going to shout for thread?" about the senior final, Longford have the second smallest pick in Ireland! There are nearly as many people in Letterkenny and its hinterland as there are in county Longford, and both the towns of Dundalk and Drogheda have populations of equal size to Longford county. Its remarkable that the likes of Longford can compete with counties with much larger playing pools such as Kildare. Offaly are clear favourities after their first round victory and having played in the last few Leinster finals, however I have a feeling Longford may do it.

LetterkennyMan (Donegal) - 06/07/2010 16:03:14    698380


Might stick a few squid on a draw.

Hanley2 (Longford) - 10/07/2010 12:45:02    702342


Well done lads. backed ye at 5/1

Hanley2 (Longford) - 12/07/2010 14:57:42    705353


Well done lads nice to see small county winning.

Dellboypolecat (Tyrone) - 12/07/2010 15:00:37    705361


i think most forgot Longfords win yesterday... well done!

maco (Meath) - 12/07/2010 15:02:10    705367