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Ulsterman got one thing right in his mention of Crossmaglens patience.Kernan deserves great credit for not arguing with the ref in the semi final after the sending off and McConville refused to criticise the ref after the final so fair play.

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Any mention of Aaron Cunningham on your local paper Ulsterman? or did they forget to mention.

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Most of the first hand reports and media outlets that I have seen state that Cross were far more sinned against in officiating terms; Heaney states that Garrycastle should have had a man sent off for a headbutt; Jamie Clarke's jersey was ripped off his shoulder as he bore down on free kick was awarded; Cross man through on goal after being advantage played....13 yard free awarded instead; Garrycastle player touches ball on penalty awarded to Cross. These are just some of the points Paddy Heaney makes and states that Cross deserve an award for their patience and temperament. Garrycastle didn't get many, if any, bad calls going against them.

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Paddy Heaney and Kenny Archer absolutely tore Rory Hickey's refereeing performance apart in today's Irish News and stated that he didn't even get the basics correct. Heaney listed at least half a dozen decision that the referee missed and all went against Crossmaglen. Archer called it 'awful officiating' for a game at this level and both expressed great respect for Cross's patience and behaviour in the face of such bad refereeing. The Armagh camp are also scathing about Martin Duffy's refereeing especially the sending off of Kieran McKeever and what's the general response on HS? It's called Nordie whingeing; these elements hide behind this term to dismiss EVERY bad decision and call that goes against an Ulster side when most sensible people can see that Northern teams are usually the worst victims of these dreadful refereeing calls. It's obvious there are different standards and rules in play here, one for Ulster and one for the rest of the island.

Did they say anything about the Cross player drawing a kick at the Garycastle keeper? Or Jame Clarkes elblow and later punch?

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Just biased reporting so and I know that refs should allow advantages like they do in other sports but its not allowed for in GAA. I suppose it helps sell a few papers though by looking at things in a certain light.

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Here come the anti-Ulster partitionists who lie in the grass like snakes to strike.

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Ok Ulsterman, a few fair points there, definitely agree with you about the gcastle man should have been sent off. Was in the cusack as a neutral for the two games, really enjoyed both, best 25 quid Ive spent in ages by the way. Credit to Loughgiel, Liam Watson is phenomenal. A few things, not sure about some of your comments as watched it back on tv and on the slow mo it was a touched on the ground but very tough call for the ref, though he could have played on for Clark when second yellow for your man but was his call in fairness. Cunningham pushing the man over the board was right in front of me. Thought it was a definite red at the time and still do. Dont see it mentioned here anywhere yet, but the bald lad playing midfield for gcastle got a right belt on the ground from a cross player and ball well gone too, was down for a while after it as well. Finally you mentioned patience, the cross management lets just say rather enthusiatically surrounded the ref going off at half time. Just think it should be balanced, think there were mistakes, on both sides though, not just one.

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1133581 Just biased reporting so and I know that refs should allow advantages like they do in other sports but its not allowed for in GAA. I suppose it helps sell a few papers though by looking at things in a certain light.

Yes it is, you are wrong.

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1133553 Any mention of Aaron Cunningham on your local paper Ulsterman? or did they forget to mention.

No mention of him on the paper but he was mentioned in the paper and indeed most papers who had articles on the match.

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The ref was poor on both sides, but why say Aaron Cunninghams push was a red card offence! The Garrycastle lad threw his head at a cross player and letter of the law states he should of walked! Paul Kernan sending off was very harsh, dont think the first yellow should ever of been given! As for cross didnt get alot there way, at one Clarke skinned his man and all the Garrycastle player was short of doing was put a saddle on him! Made he can ride him in Cheltenham next year! Cross disnt perform to there potential on Saturday and i do fear Garrycastle and missed their chance!!!!

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The referee made poor decision throughout the game but I actually feel that his approach to the game enhanced it rather than restricted it. For years we have been complaining that refs are too fussy and too quick to take the "manliness" out of the game. Here we have a ref who has let the game flow. He has made mistakes but so do players, are we asking them to be taken off teams all the time? He should have sent off CUnningham and Dillon but he didn't so one balances out the other. Paul Kernan's sending off was dubious but can't be changed and if anything the extra space when the 2 men were sent off helped us as we thrived in the extra space. There wouldn't be any complaints if we had shown a bit more composure in the last 5 minutes with our shooting, maybe someone could have driven straight at the Garrycastle defence rather than shooting from difficult angles. The reality is that this was Hickeys first big game, he wanted to make an early impression and the early yellow on Paul Kernan put him in a difficult position later in the game.

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Credit to RangerDanger, first Armagh man with a very fair assessment of the game, strark contrast to Ulsterman who pops up every now and again and talks nothing but tripe!

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1133726 Credit to RangerDanger, first Armagh man with a very fair assessment of the game, strark contrast to Ulsterman who pops up every now and again and talks nothing but tripe!

Yes, now we're just waiting on a westmeath man to post a fair assessment.

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Hammerman, I want to pick up on your issue about the management surrounding the referee. Tony Mac left the field with Aaron Kernan and Tony Brady the club chairman. At that stage the ref was on the far side of the field. Gareth O'Neill ran across to the ref on his own, so I don't know how one man can "surround enthusiastically"?

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Tom - First of all the advantage rule is a bit of a joke because the ref cannot foresee what will happen and cant call it back if it doesn't work out so its useless in its present form. Mchugh got back goalside of Jamie Clarke by fouling him so what could the ref do only call it. (RTE player has it)
There is no doubt Crossmaglen were unlucky with some of the decisions he made and had Dillon been sent off (as he should) Cross would have been more lightly to win but it was'ent the only incident in the game where a player should have been sent off.
What got under my skin on this is posters stating that the Irish New had painted it as Cross were done by the ref on all major decisions which is not true. Got more hard calls against them than Garrycastle but not all. Doing interviews with Oisin McConville about the refs performance is stupid because a less experienced player may have said something that would cost him, were they trying to catch him out?
RangerDanger's post is a credit to him and no other poster from Westmeath or anywhere else could better his summing up on it.

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Maybe instead of focusing on the refs performance and the whole North/South divide which I tend to ignore, there was lots of other good things to see. Lots of good honest battling for breaking ball, men diving in to win balls as if their lives depended on it. Some wonderful long range kicks. Dashing solo runs through defences. Some fine catches. Ice cool free taking from Dessie Dolan and Oisin. The great thing was it did end in a draw. Hopefully we get to see more of the same the next day. Can't wait for the replay in Cavan.

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Ranger fair play on the post, most logical and unbiased by a distance. On my view of it, the first man as you correctly pointed out approached the referee, and on the immediate entrance to the tunnel was joined by 2 to 3 more. Not sure if subs or officials, and am open to correction on it if wrong as was good distance away. Just a strange one to finish on, in the Leinster final gcastle prob got benefit of a late call by the ref but the last day the last foul occurred with at least 30/40 seconds left yet he blew straight as soon as ball was kicked. Thought it was a small bit odd. He seemed to think the gcastle player was about to question him when he went over to shake his hand as he was already pointing up to the time on the screen.

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It's just a pity that some people can't look at a game of football objectively, much less enjoy it, without resorting to the North/South divide.

And to judge a referee's perfomance on that is inflammatory, unnecessary, misguided and so unbelievably stupid.

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This was posted as a new thread but has been incorporated here.

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Is todays game on TV

Is todays game on Tv between Cross and Garryown? States on TnaG that Dubai World Cup is on and no meantion of the GAA

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No that game won't be on but Crossmaglen v Garrycastle is on TG4.. Throw in at 5pm!

Cross don't do many 2nd chances, Garrycastle would need a big game to bate them!

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