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Love & Kisses Collie, Oh Happy Day.

corkcelt (Cork) - Posts:4372 - 12/06/2012 14:25:23   1192692


So the fat lady is clearing her throat. Think I'll pour the hot water over the jelly cubes today but won't rush to get the ice-cream out of the freezer just yet. Been on a couple of forums there and have to say that a lot of the bears just don't get it still. They're all going on about being able to buy and preserve their history up until this point. What part of newco do they not get? Regardless of where they end up playing or in which division, Rangers 1872 or 1899 will be no more. The new company will be starting with a lovely clean piece of paper with 0 beside all cups and titles.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts:3435 - 12/06/2012 15:01:25   1192731


Liquidation has got to mean re-entry to the league in Division 3. Anything else will be a joke. Scottish Football will never be taken seriously again.

legendzxix (Kerry) - Posts:5304 - 12/06/2012 15:22:51   1192764


I have to say after a rough old weekend when every result that could go wrong did, today has really raised my spirits........It just shows that sometimes common sense prevails.

Hopefully now the artists formerly known as r*ngers will disappear to the 3rd division.

tribeinbrum (Galway) - Posts:4055 - 12/06/2012 15:37:10   1192784


So what will actually happen?
They start in the 3rd division but will all debts cleared? Are they entitled to use the same club crest or does it have to change. What will their role of honor with the SFA or Uefa, I.e does newco lose all their illegally gained titles? What else?
If all that happens is they go to 3rd division, can't sign players for year, and have all their debts written off they seem to have got off lightly.

onlyhurling (Galway) - Posts:764 - 13/06/2012 16:17:54   1193645


Hard to know to be honest.

If they start off as a newco either in the SPL or 3rd Division then they'd try and transfer players contracts across. Green said any player who refuses to move over to the newco would be in breach of contract. However somebody from the players association came out and said the players would be free to leave if liquidation occurs.

So it would seem that as a newco the would be left without any players under contract to them.

There was talk of them using this as their chance to finally get out of Scotland and move to England, something they have made no secret about in the past. The SPL needs Rangers indeed... However various chairmen of clubs in the conference and people at the football league have come out and said they would reject any approach by Rangers to enter the lower leagues in England. They may want to join as high as League Two, but there's a whole tiered system below that, which would require them to work their way through - think AFC Wimbledon.

The name will have to change, as will the crest unless they transfer the trademark across. Interesting to see if any of the rumours of Celtic fans registering names such as FC Rangers, Rangers Utd, Rangers GFC etc as companies back in February when this all starter are true or not, as it could leave a lot of the obvious choices for the new name unavailable.

No doubt Rangers 2012 will want to follow on with the history and trophy cabinet of Rangers Oldco.

They'll also want to avoid any of the penalties dished out to them over the next few weeks.

This is where it'll get messy as if history carries over to the new licence then surely so too should any sanctions handed out.

Some SPL chairmen may vote to allow them continue in the SPL for whatever reason (history with Rangers, or their own financial problems - Hearts), they will probably only do so though if there will be heavy penalties dished out to them - transfer embargoes, points deductions, games suspended etc. The problem here is that the vote will be a yes or no vote, not a yes, yes with sanctions, or no vote.

Ridiculous as it is Rangers will get a vote on whether or not their in the SPL next season, a bit like a murder suspect pleading their innocence in a court room to a jury, then going into the back room to vote alongside them.

They'll potentially be walking away from monumental debt, and as a result the banks will see any other loans Scottish clubs have as toxic, and clubs could find it very hard to operate on a credit basis in the future. That's the real financial implication of this, not TV revenue or ticket sales for two homes games a year.

In an ideal world they will be dead and buried, somebody else will come in with a higher offer for Ibrox and Murray Park and turn it into a shopping centre and apartment block.

if_in_doubt (Kildare) - Posts:3455 - 13/06/2012 16:37:38   1193666


Well onlyhurling, for a starters they can remove those silly 5 stars from above their crest.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts:3435 - 13/06/2012 16:39:17   1193671


This might help shed some light on it.


brendtheredhand (Tyrone) - Posts:10851 - 13/06/2012 16:43:28   1193677


There was talk of them using this as their chance to finally get out of Scotland and move to England, something they have made no secret about in the past.

Nah its not going to happen if_in_doubt - Fat Sally has just come out and knocked this one on the head as a non starter. Apparently they won't do Woking away.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts:3435 - 13/06/2012 16:45:32   1193685


They came from Bonnie Scotland but bowed to Lizzie's Crown, it really is ironic cause Lizzie put them down.
They tried to avoid their sentence by threatening other teams it was all in desperation as they were crumbling at the seams.
Auld Lizzie was getting angry Liquidators she did send but like the years before them they spouted bile to the end.
They are buried somewhere in Govan do you want to know their name??. They were born as Glasgow Rangers but
died as Scotland's shame.

Mulligan Eamonn (All) - Posts:896 - 13/06/2012 20:36:09   1193862


Lots of stuff yet to happen, the transfer embargo which they challenged successfully through the Courts has been referred back to the Appeals Tribunal, this could result in either expulsion from Scottish Cup or suspension from all Football for a period, they could even be thrown out permanently but this is highly unlikely. Second issue is their dispute with the Scottish PFA.The PFA maintains that if they Liquidate all the Players are effectively free agents and can walk away for nothing if they choose. I have always regarded this issue as a biggie which could cripple them if players were to walk out en-masse. Third issue is whether they can get 7 of other 11 SPL Clubs to agree to let them stay in SPL, if so what sanctions will apply and if not it appears Division 3 beckons. Finally there is still an investigaion into the issue of dual contracts. They could be retrospectively stripped of all Titles won in past 14 years if this goes against them and of course with Independent Liquidators coming in a lot of stuff previously kept hidden could come out and here we are talking about possible criminal charges against some of the leading figures. Jaysus when all this is finished I'll never be able to look a bowl of Jelly & Ice-Cream in the face again.

corkcelt (Cork) - Posts:4372 - 13/06/2012 20:50:01   1193872


Forgive me if I sound stupid but I don't understand the Woking away joke? Have seen it three times now but can't get my head around it?

mayoboy1 (Mayo) - Posts:1651 - 13/06/2012 21:39:28   1193914


Mayo boy:


Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts:3435 - 13/06/2012 21:57:37   1193935


With regards to Sally and walking away - bet he wish he didn't say that now........


Oh deary deary me..........Jelly and ice cream while r*ngers die, we're having a party while r*ngers die!!!!!!!!

tribeinbrum (Galway) - Posts:4055 - 14/06/2012 09:22:06   1193969


rangers gone, they are now a new club, should they be left into the scottish premier

kerryluck (Kerry) - Posts:2515 - 15/06/2012 15:54:45   1194995


As you say kerry, Glasgow Rangers FC have ceased to exist, a new Club calling itself THE Glasgow Rangers FC has started up and bought the stadium and Training facilities previously used by the defunct entity. It is patently obvious that this new team should start life in Division 3 and if they are good enough work themselves up to the SPL over the next 3 years. Will it happen that way, well it will need 5 of 11 Clubs to make a stand for sporting integrity, so far indications are that Hibs, Aberdeen & Celtic will do so, I'm not too confident about any of the rest, if I was a betting man I'd say they will be allowed straight back to the SPL albeit with a points and Financial penalties.

corkcelt (Cork) - Posts:4372 - 15/06/2012 18:25:06   1195123


i think they should be made start from div3, if it was one of the smaller clubs, they would be made start from div3, it will be llike they punish the smaller teams more, which would be totally unfair, and would not be inline with fair play

kerryluck (Kerry) - Posts:2515 - 15/06/2012 18:50:56   1195142


Does this mean that the 'newco' start from scratch as if rangers win the league again it will be their first instead of 50th odd?

Cmills Fan. (Antrim) - Posts:508 - 15/06/2012 20:14:13   1195177


Now the Celtic Trust has come out and said they will be boycotting any team that votes to allow the newco enter the SPL next season.

Considering the team formerly known as Rangers fans have said they will boycott any team who votes no we are left with two scenarios;

Vote Yes - lose Celtic fans, and the fans of other teams who vote no, along with a large portion of your own, but keep the Rangers fans, hang your head in shame for supporting the continued cheating of a club.

Vote No - lose Rangers fans, keep your own fans and the other 10 SPL clubs fans, gain the traveling support of the newly promoted two teams, hold you head high knowing you support sporting integrity.

I see the fixtures to be released on Monday won't contain Rangers or Dundee. Instead it will have Team X.

A nice anagram of Tax ME...

if_in_doubt (Kildare) - Posts:3455 - 15/06/2012 22:02:03   1195235


if rangers are aloud back into premier, it would show a lack of respect to the smaller clubs, a smaller club wouldn't be left back in if the same thing happened to one of them.

kerryluck (Kerry) - Posts:2515 - 16/06/2012 09:55:22   1195258


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