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Longford Crunch Div 4 Match - Sunday Week

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Big crunch game looming now ..

Aughrim venue worth 4 points at least to Wicklow , plus we have a good record over Longford in recent years.

Probably fair to say that Longford have been the form side of the league thus far - drawing with Roscommon , hammering Kilkenny and beating Fermanagh up there.

Austin O'Malley should make his debut following switch from St.Vincents and Mayo seniors ..

I'd guestimate line up sunday week as follows :

1.Flynn ( Balto )
2.Byrne ( Annacurra)
3.Hyland ( Gers/Ballymoney)
4.Higgins ( St.Pats )
5.Earls ( St.Pats )
6.McWalter ( St.Pats )
7. Hayden ( Eire Og )
8. Finn ( Kiltegan )
9. Stafford ( Rathnew )
10. JP Dalton ( Kiltegan )
11. Dalton ( Collkenno )
12. Hannon ( Hollwood )
13. Glynn ( Rathnew )
14. O'Malley ( St. Pats )
15. Furlong ( Kiltegan )

Not sure if Mick Mangan has joined up with County seniors yet,would like to get a look at him in a senior jersey. Also it would be good to see Paul McLoughlin from 21's ..

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - 03/03/2011 18:16:49    880830


Squareball am i hearing you right you would start O,Malley again Longford on Sunday week after a couple of training sessions,what kind of message would send out to lads that have been training for months,no wonder players like Kavanagh and Canavan are leaving panel let him earn his place on team,this attitude smacks of Michell with hurlers a few years ago when he brought them in from Cork,Tipp,Kilkenny and Wexford and we nearly ended up with no County team put us back years.

pistelero (Wicklow) - 03/03/2011 18:49:14    880857


I agree let him earn the colours

DanMac (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 09:42:56    881044


Pistelero & DanMac .. would you leave a 1/2 fit Odlum in and leave O'Malley out as an example? .. thats who I swapped him for on my lineup

Do we want 2 points & promotion ?... O'Malley good for 0-3 against Longford from play if he gets a good supply of ball ..

We can of course leave Odlum in because he has been training all year & ethics would stack up of course & possibly sacrifice points v Longford .. that will keep the purists happy & Longford happier ..

We threw Thomas Walsh straight into C'ship fray a couple of years back despite the fact he didnt play any league games - with him we got to last 12 in C'ship .. no one complained when he lorded it v Down .

Just a thought worth pondering.

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 12:15:36    881166


People did give out about it Square, if rumours are to be believed wicklow lost 3 players during the week because there not getting games how many more would leave if this happened, now i believe we have good enough players in our squad to beat longford (Team below - if available). most is the team you picked with one/two changes

1.Flynn ( Balto )
2.Byrne ( Annacurra)
3.Hyland ( Gers/Ballymoney) - id like to see him play here
4.Kelly ( Eire Og )
5.McWalter ( St.Pats )
6. McGrath (Kil)
7. Hayden ( Eire Og )
8. Finn ( Kiltegan ) - toss of a coin between him and gaffney
9. Stafford ( Rathnew )
10. JP Dalton ( Kiltegan )
11. Hannon ( Hollwood ) /Dalton ( Collkenno )
12. Glynn ( Rathnew )
13. Furlong ( Kiltegan )
14. Doyle (Rathnew)
15. Earls ( St.Pats )

have siney and cunningham as back up to corner forwards

heres food for thought for you, compare this situation to soccer and a certain Torres rated the best in the world by some, how's he doing since being thrown straight in, it doesn't always work

DanMac (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 14:24:18    881289


DanMac ,

I think player turnover in squads this time of year is a fact of life - most counties loosing players at this stage , some being culled . Galvin for Kerry hasnt rejoined their squad yet - there will be some guy busting a gut this week that wont make the C'ship cut .

We have Travers to come back & Brian McGrath - so two of the 26 Squad v Fermanagh likely to loose out .

Austin O'Malley is a quality addition & gives us something different in attack.

After scoring just 1-1 from play v Fermanagh - looks like we need a bit of help in full forward line to break down the better sides in our division ..

It would be different in my view if Austin O'Malley were brought in in June ... earliest he could join up is now as transfer only sanctioned now , if it were sanctioned in Jan , he would have been in by Jan .. lets give him a chance and wish him well with pats & Wicklow

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 15:00:02    881328


Firstly let me say that I'll only believe that Austin O' Malley has thrown his lot in with Wicklow when I see him in a jersey. Does anyons remember the Dan Donna furoe a few years back? Will he, won't he spculation bcomes tiresome to be honest. Secondly he is obviously a good player but unlikely to raise our performances monumentally where the problems are from centre field back! Still, if he wants to play for Wicklow, let him earn his place though training. It won't be difficult for a player with quality to demonstrate that quality to an experienced manager like Micko. I can see both sides of the issue regarding him replacing a player who has been playing and training with the squad and how that might affect the morale or sense of justice of some players. However, consider the other point. Should there not be competition for places. Should I be sure of my place because I train and have lined out in the early stages of the league? Do we not need a change of mindset to consider the team and results rather than players having an expectation of their places. I acknowledge that teamwork and morale play a part in sucess but this can co-exist with a mentality that you play only if you prove to be good enough and contribute the most in your position to the teams overall goal. I have no wish to criticise individual players because I'm not the one going to training and putting in the hours of dedication to my county but if an inter-county player cannot be at a particular athletic weight and shape at the mid-way point in the National League then surely their place is up for grabs from one who can contribute more in that position. Personally I think it's sinful that a talented sportperson cannot maintain an athletic weight and level of fitness. Have we no dieticians or nutritionists in Wicklow? Controversial I know and there will be those who oppose this view vehemently. It's only a perspective.

Lug (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 15:18:47    881357


austin o malley trained with wicklow last night and thats from lads on the panel telling me

sound (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 15:33:40    881373


Lug ,

I agree completely on requirement for players to maintain a "fighting weight" no matter how early or late in the year . A couple on Wicklow panel have let themselves go & that might have been acceptable in 1991 , it aint gonna fly in 2011 I can tell you .

Players need about 3 years at top intercounty level to develop deep conditioning & maintain that conditioning . You cant balloon up & down . The days of a chicken box & a few pints the night before games at top level are well over .

Some here say Micko is right keeping a couple of lads in the team "so they can get fit by playing matches" .. couldnt disagree more . If I were a county manager and a lad came to me 2 stone overweight , I'd walk him to his car and wish him well and send him on his way .. no excuses , no exceptions.

Regarding Austin O'Malley - he will be a big addition amd will have no probs getting a starting spot - if not v Longofrd , certainly by end of league . He destroyed Tom O'Sullivan when at fullforward for Mayo in Kerry a few years back - scored 0-5 . He has won an All Ireland club for Vincents .

Show me anyone of our No.10 to 15 , with exception of Glynn that realistically has that pedigree right now ? .

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 15:34:42    881374



Not one person on here thinks he doesn't have the ability or quality, this is a point of prinicipal. i play football and its a proven fact that if you pick a player who hasn't trained for a match the subs give out and loose interest and if you loose the subs you've lost.
you made a point about Walshe and how good he was against Down, where is he now, before he came we had no midfield and look we still have that problem today.
if the switch goes through he'll be great for us but for how long and at what cost, Cavanagh/ Kanavagh probably wont bother coming back on the panel and young Doyle (player probably most affected by the switch) if he's not given a chance probably do the same.
If O'Malley is committed to wicklow for the rest of his career it will be brilliant for the county, but my point is why not let him train and show the rest of the panel what he has before putting him in a starting position

DanMac (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 16:01:10    881406


I take your point & admire your principles ..

However - suppose we stick with say Odlum v Longford & loose by a point ... will we not have wrecked promotion chances & be wondering what if ?.. Another Year in Div 4 , but great that we stuck to prniciples?

Its not as if O'Malley wont be super fit anyway - from what I hear he is up to pace and as fit as anyone on the panel .

If he is fit & ready , he is fit & ready - lets be having him .

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 16:37:15    881465


Whos this doyle lad on the panel Dan Mac? Dont no of any doyle lad trainin wi panel?

Magpie007 (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 17:13:43    881511


I assume the Doyle DanMac is young Doyle from Rathnew who was on U21's? .. Havent seen him on panel todate - unless he has been added after U21's got dumped out of C'ship?

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 17:49:35    881539


You lot seriously have to get a grip you's come on here slating players left right and centre and all your doing is damaging their confidence!! There is room for a good debate but to even suggest O'malley should come straight in instead of Odlum is a disgrace it would be unfair on lads who have burst a gut with this present management to prove they are good enough to play for their county and then have it taken away from them like that is not only unrealistic but unfair too!! By all means have a debate but ease off on some lads and respect that they've worked hard for their spot.

opinonated (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 20:04:48    881613



The board is designed for people to have their say . I dont think anyone here is being unreasonable.

You can put your head in the sand and pretend that life and sport is fair. At the top level of the game , I believe you need to be 100% clear in your motives in order to succeed.

We have players currently on the panel that clearly arent fit & certainly not fit enough to be playing at the very top level . Ability takes you so far - fitness takes you the rest of the way . One goes hand in hand with the other .

No excuse for any county player to be a stone or two over weight in March . Let me repeat - NO EXCUSE . It would not & IS NOT tolerated n just about every other county in the country ( name 2 other county players that are over weight & unfit ? )

If we continue to tolerate half cooked attitudes to fitness - then mark my words , if Longford dont find us out , Roscommon will and we'll be lamenting our lot again come late April.

O'Malley starts for me - its a no brainer . he has more ability , way fitter and has played for a top county in Div 1 & won provincial Championships & All Ireland & Leinster Club titles . I believe he could automatically replace all bar Glynn without a minutes thought in the Wicklow Forward lines .

2 scores from play v Fermanagh & we are deluding , absolutely deluding ourselves a top forward , from a top club & top Div 1 county CANT get into our forward line !? .. Your having a laugh

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - 04/03/2011 21:29:24    881671


Square your miles offside here. No way should he start straight off regardless of the importance of winning the Longford game. I dont care if he is Gooch Cooper, he cant walk in and start immediately. Have you any idea of the dynamic of a team?

What you are talking about destroys morale and dont give me the Torres example please that is a multi million pound professional sport where every point matters alot. This is an amateur sport held together by team and community spirit which you would destroy all to beat Longford. If we cant do it without him then we are not much use anyway. Let him train hard and earn the respect of the other panel members by working hard and getting no special treatment.

As someone said earlier where is Thomas Walshe now?

Pat Mustard (None) - 04/03/2011 21:55:01    881690


I have to agree with those that day O'Malley must earn his spot on the team. We let Thomas Walsh walk on to the team a few years back and look where that got us his now back with his native county. Fair enough bring him on as a sub if needs be but to give him a starting place for the first match his available for regardless if talent would be sole destroying for those training for three nights a week for the last 2 to 3 months. Square I don't think anyone is questioning his ability or talent here they are questioning the morals of it all.

Bella (Wicklow) - 05/03/2011 09:28:34    881716


Square we have agreed on most things over the years but i cant agree with starting O,Malley again Longford,and it has nothing to do with ability,from your post you are assuming we will win if we start him,can you imagine the scenario if we start him and we lose,remember we started Hannon last week which in my opinion was a mistake and we nearly lost and he has trained and played for years but he wasn't at the races again Fermanagh because he lacked match practise,i have been critical of Odlums apparent lack of fitness in the past but he is a trier and the last thing i want to see here is some kind of witch hunt again him,

pistelero (Wicklow) - 05/03/2011 10:17:16    881747


Lads,O,Malley is now 30/31 years of age and is no Gooch he played for St Vincents after a messy transfer saga from Louisbourgh in Mayo,he was never a regular on Mayo team,in and out most of the time he always seemed to be carrying a bit to much weight,when Mayo met Meath in quarter final 2009 he was no 22 in programme his best performance was probably again Kerry a couple of years ago when he scored 4 points,dont put him down as the saviour of Wicklow football just yet i will wait to see how he performs with St Pats in local Championship before i make any judgement on him,and who knows he may be based in some other County next year-job wise and will want to play football there.

pistelero (Wicklow) - 05/03/2011 11:54:20    881803


Let's not forget lads. These lads give their time and committed for the love of the game it's not like they get paid for it.

Bella (Wicklow) - 05/03/2011 12:42:57    881820