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Are ye 2 brothers? Sponger and Ponger?

Southern Dandy (Wicklow) - Posts: 789 - 15/06/2010 10:49:44    677751


I am happy to report that PONGER is not related to my good self.

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2677 - 15/06/2010 11:15:27    677773


I think if they put Glynn full forward and Seanie at right full forward and the low fast ball played in to Glynn or high to Seanie to transfer to Glynn i think Glynn is capable of getting 2 or 3 goals with his pace if he receives the ball right.Its ridiculous playing one of the best finishers in the game somewhere in the back line remember what he did to Down in Aughrim when he was left near the goal,against Westmeath he spent most of the game in our halfback line how many times do you see Coulter,Bradley,Murphy,Mulligan,Cooper ect in their back line practically never that's why they get so many scores for their teams

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 15/06/2010 12:50:12    677913


Im going to Cavan when I should be going to Croker .

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2677 - 15/06/2010 13:30:20    677953


Is he banned for game?

Southern Dandy (Wicklow) - Posts: 789 - 15/06/2010 13:30:24    677954


Sponger:I am happy to report that PONGER is not related to my good self.

Thank god for that, because i wasn't sure...

Pistelero: as far as i can remember, Glynn spent the latter end of the first half and the start of the second half in the full forward line against westmeath... The problem was that the ball into him was rubbish... Glynn's best position is still as a half forward carrying ball and taking on defenders and kicking points from 25-30 yards...

ponger (Cavan) - Posts: 402 - 15/06/2010 13:51:22    677982


Ponger i take your point about Glynns running power but what we need is someone in the full forward who has the power and pace to consistently score goals if you look at Rathnew winning the Championship last year Glynn almost single handedly won it for them with his goal scoring ability from corner forward because the Rathnew approach play had the intelligence to isolate him one on one with his opponents inside and he was probably leading scorer in every game up to the final,my personal opinion is he could do the same thing at County level if used that way. I dont think he got a score again Kildare last year because he was employed to far from their goal and it was the same again Westmeath this year he got no score our midfield and halfbacks should be the ones doing the ball carrying and laying of good low balls into the channels and in Glynn and Earls we have two players with the pace to trouble any fullback line in the Country but they are no threat back in their own backline where they spend most of their time lately.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 16/06/2010 17:03:59    679352


Looks like Cavan might be short a couple at least for our match ..

Brady the handballer will be in the US at a handball competition . Givney the good young midfielder may also not be there ..

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 17/06/2010 10:36:14    679780


pistelero. I suppose the real problem i have with gynn in the full forward line is that the Wicklow full forward line against Westmeath got completly isolated. In a lot of cases westmeath sat with a "sweeper" in front of the full forward line. You effectively ended up with 2-3 forwards competing against 4 or 5 backs for the ball. In this case If the forwards are going to make headway, the ball going in has to perfect which it wasn't. I agree that the wing half back should carry ball (hayden) forward especially with micko's tactic of pulling the wing half forwards back into the half back line. That said, its a lot to expect wing half backs to keep carrying ball from the half back line to half forward line and the only outlet (if things go wrong) is to kick it long to the full forward line... I just remember back to the game against carlow where he played slightly further out the field and got good points from play...

ponger (Cavan) - Posts: 402 - 17/06/2010 11:30:54    679838


Any truth in the rumour that Dean Odlum and Mickey English have left the panel of their own choice??

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 17/06/2010 15:26:35    680207


That is true Square heard that from my source on the team

WestWicklowman (Wicklow) - Posts: 148 - 17/06/2010 15:30:40    680216


Not good WestWicklowMan .. not good at all .. especially Dean Odlum being off the panel ..

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 17/06/2010 15:58:40    680246


Agree Squeare you would never hear of a Kerry Dublin or Meath panel member walk out of panel in middle of championship one of the key reasons why we are over history (not now) been the worst county in the GAA

WestWicklowman (Wicklow) - Posts: 148 - 17/06/2010 17:04:36    680335


I believe the reason Odlum left is pretty silly .. He togged out early after been taken off against Carlow apparently .. apparently words were said .

If true

1) No reason to leave a panel

2) Stick to the plan - If your hauled off , sit with the rest of the panel even if it hurts to have been substituted ..

English got hardly any gametime at all this year - played well against Meath Juniors and deserved at least 4 games in the league in my view ... dont know his reasons for leaving , probably linked to no gametime ..

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 17/06/2010 17:21:48    680358


Agree that Odlum should not be leaving the panel but can hardly blame English, treated very badly. Personally I dont think he is good enough but once again this year the treatment of lads from 16 to 30 or 24 as it is now has been disgraceful. They just dont get a chance. Ridiculous stuff and a bad reflection on the selectors. As for next years manager it will be Mick O'Dywer no doubt about it in my mind. He wont give it up and no one else will have him.

I hear as well that Tino has said he is packing it in after this year is over. Living in Kildare and the commute to training is taking a toll.

Pat Mustard (None) - Posts: 308 - 17/06/2010 17:52:06    680380


Just to clarify on Dean Odlum, I was sitting beside the panel in the stand at the Carlow game, he sat with the rest of the panel until the final whistle after he was taken off.
He wasn't going mad after being taken off, he sat and watched the game with the rest of the lads.
I know he is carrying an ankle injury which he aggravated at training before the Westmeath game.
So maybe this is the reason he has left the panel?

magpie11 (Wicklow) - Posts: 143 - 17/06/2010 18:18:29    680404


Sure if that was the case with Odlum why would he bother turning up for Westmeath game to sit on bench? When he was taken off against Carlow he sat on the bench with other players as we were sitting a couple of rows back from subs and he went on to pitch afterwards.

Bella (Wicklow) - Posts: 62 - 17/06/2010 18:22:08    680411


Good point re: Odlum and why he turned up for Westmeath game if his issue was being sub'd in Carlow game ?... Its probably one of those rumours that has grown legs and no real truth in it .. Its does appear accurate though that he has left the panel though which is a blow - whatever his reasons.

Pat Mustard .. Who is the "Tino" you refer to ? ..

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 17/06/2010 19:08:46    680451


Tino is tony hannon, I dont agree mustard that micko will stay on another year, id say he will move on after this year alright

Concept82 (Wicklow) - Posts: 439 - 17/06/2010 19:32:42    680465


Tino is Tony Hannon.

Bella (Wicklow) - Posts: 62 - 17/06/2010 19:59:54    680480