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Ladies league win

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Just wanted to give our girls a massive congrats for their win over Cavan on Sunday, seems to be a lack of support in the county (in my opinion from afar) for our ladies teams generally...great achievement going from D4 to D1 and unprecedented for Ladies GAA in WH..Looks like a lot of talent coming through the ranks too so maybe some successful years ahead for the Lake County! :-)

Lakers.for.Sam (Westmeath) - 15/05/2017 18:01:12    1986908


100 per cent agreed. What a great performance.

wonit1time (Westmeath) - 15/05/2017 22:28:37    1986967


Great win for the Ladies, well done to all involved.
Was at the game myself, a super performance considering Cavan were by far the better team the first day out.
Hopefully it will be a long summer for them.
They have a similar problem to the men, with Dublin far too strong in Leinster. Hopefully that gap can be closed!

ondeball (Westmeath) - 15/05/2017 22:37:35    1986970