McCarthy criticism disappoints Kelly

October 15, 2010

Waterford's Eoin Kelly
Eoin Kelly has expressed disappointment at comments Justin McCarthy makes about his former Waterford charges in a new book released this week.

McCarthy is quoted in Damien Tiernan's new book, 'The Ecstasy and the Agony: The Real Story Behind Waterford Hurling', as describing the Waterford players as "bluffers" who were unwilling to give him credit for their success.

Kelly, who won three Munster SHC titles and a National League medal under the Cork man's stewardship, responded to the criticism by saying: "It's a bit disappointing to read that.

"All of us in Waterford would be well aware of Justin's contribution to our success in recent years. I don't think we were unwilling to give him credit for the games and titles that we won.

"I remember in 2002, when we won the Munster hurling title after a gap of 39 years, Fergal Hartley praised Justin at length from the podium in Páirc Uí Chaoimh, for instance.

"I'd say you could go back through the records and find plenty of other examples of players praising Justin and his management team after games.

"I know it ended badly between Justin and the team but a lot of people in Waterford would have good time for him and would give him plenty of credit for all that he did for the county."

Kelly also disagreed with McCarthy's suggestion that he didn't think "they (the Waterford players) enjoyed it as much as me," when referring to his time with the Déise hurlers.

"That's not accurate," the Passage sharpshooter said.

"If we weren't enjoying the training there wouldn't have been good turn-outs for the sessions, and I think Justin would have to say that he had good attendance from players.

"I don't understand why he'd make a comment like that, given that we got on very well with him for years."

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