Phelan left frustrated

June 20, 2013

London manager Eamonn Phelan
London manager Eamonn Phelan has reiterated his annoyance at not being able to bring in more players.

Phelan is faced with something of an injury crisis ahead of the Exiles All-Ireland SHC qualifier clash against Westmeath at Ruislip on Saturday afternoon.

And through GAA rules, he is unable to bring in more players until they have played club championship in London.

The Kilkenny native feels that GAA chiefs must change the rules in order to help advance London hurling.

"I don't want to keep going on, moping about it, but we have 26 and we have eight injured. We've played a couple of challenge matches against Kilburn and Gabriels, and they're beating us," Phelan told the Irish Post.

"It's killing it and it's going to kill the hurling team in particular. At the minute there's two clubs picking all the players up. If one of them wins the county title they'll probably progress in the All-Ireland club championship, playing till February."

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