Hard fought win for Tara

May 21, 2012
Tara's got their defence of the league title off to a hard fought win last Sunday 20th May 2012 against Fullen Gaels in Birmingham.

It was nip and tuck for the first fifteen minutes with a lot of ground hurling in
the middle of the park. Tara's Niamh Dolan was the first to open the scoring with a
fine strike over the bar but it was quickly cancelled out at the other end by
Fullen Gaels.

Lightening quick in attack and using the right wing with great effect Fullen
Gaels were showing they mean business as new entries to the London league. Tara's
half backs of Dearbhail O'Neill and Niamh Keating were up for the challenge
however and made some superb clearances.

Tara's Helen Murphy and Meabh Brennan were working like trojans in centre field.
A Fullen Gaels free from the 45 dropped short and Tara's Susi Gill cleared only for it to
be caught by the Fullen Gaels forwards and sailed into the top corner of Tara's goal.

Tara's lifted their heads and dug deep. Goalie Denise Gilligan's long range puck
outs were finding the half forward line and Sheila Fernandes strikes across
field to Elaine Burke added three points in quick succession. Working well
again together Burkes strike on goal was deflected off Fernandes hurl into the Fullen
Gaels net.

Coming close to half time Fullen Gaels upped the tempo again and shot over the
bar. More shots followed but the majority were dropping short for goalie
Gilligan and right back Susi Gill to catch them square in front of goal and
clear them out to the wings. Tara's Joanne Hamilton plucked one clearance from the air and a quick strike over the bar saw the sides close out the half 1-05 to 1-02 in Tara's favour.

Tara's started the second half like they had a point to prove. Quick movement by forwards Tina Enright and Eilish Malone moved the sliotar into Elaine Burke who sailed three points over the bar in quick succession.

Fullen Gaels seemed to see red and the back line of Rose McCarthy Sheila O Sullivan and Ingrid Kieran put up a blanket defence for the rest of the half. An excellent display of hand passing followed as the sliotar was worked through to Fiona Courtney Karen O Leary and Sinead Boyle expertly. Tara's defence of Bid Grennan and Ann Gleeson were working well under pressure to prevent Fullen Gaels passing the 45 mark. They say the best teams score the most points and when six unanswered long range points followed it was clear it was going to be a race to the finish.
The momento was in Fullen Gaels favour and when another shot fell short skidding across the top of Taras Michelle Adairs Hurl, Fullen Gaels Ursula Conway pounced on it and drew the side's level with a goal. With only five minutes to go and it was clear that the next score could be the winner.
Gilligan again sent a long puck out to Helen Murphy who rounded her marker and her solo run took her the length of the Fullen Gaels half. A pass to Elaine Burke saw Fullen Gaels goalie Stephanie McEniry make a fine block, one of many she made during the match. The rebounding shot however found Tara's Sheila Fernandes. Picking up the sliotar from Fernandes in centre field Tara's Joanne Hamilton shot over the bar to break the deadlock with the final score 2-09 to 2-08 in Tara's favour.

Denise Gilligan, Susi Gill, Ann Gleeson, Michelle Adair, Niamh Keating, Bid Grennan, Dearbhail O'Neill, Helen Murphy, Meabh Brennan, Sheila Fernandes, Joanne Hamilton, Niamh Dolan, Eilish Malone, Elaine Burke, Tina Enright, Janine O'Gorman.

Fullen Gaels
Stephanie McEniry, Rose McCarthy, Sheila O Sullivan, Ingrid Kieran, Fiona Courtney, Karen O'Leary, Courtney Linden, Sinead Boyle, Ciara Walsh, Laura Masterson, Ciara Healy, Rachel O'Farrell, Geraldine Connolly, Sinead Conway, Ursula Conway, Una Haren, Sinead Dillon Laura Deacon.

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