Sweeney should be amongst the scores Down Under

November 07, 2017

Tipperary's Conor Sweeney celebrates.
©INPHO/Morgan Treacy.

Conor Sweeney has all the attributes to be a major scoring outlet for Ireland in the International Rules Series.

A strong fielder of the ball and an accurate free-taker, Sweeney can give the Aussies plenty to think about in the forthcoming Tests in Adelaide on Sunday and Perth on Saturday week:

"I suppose there are pros and cons to the Compromise Rules, but definitely one of the positives is that if you can get out in front and you get a half-decent ball at all and you win it then it's like having a free," the Tipperary attacker told gaa.ie. "And hopefully I'll try to stay close to the 'D' and my free-kicks or marks won't be too far out.

"One of the hard things though is trying to not bring the ball into the contact, because if you do then it's a turnover straight away. It's just all about getting your head around the rules, I suppose.

"You'd be chatting to the likes of Eoin Cadogan who has been on a couple of the series and knows the craic. He'd be giving you tips about what to do.

"Sometimes if there's a ball coming to you, you're better off playing it to your feet or letting it run past you if there's a defender up your backside, that kind of way, little things like that, that would keep you on your toes."

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